The Non-Accessible Grand Theatre in Kingston Ontario

The following video is of the make-shift ramp to allow wheelchair access onto the stage of the newly renovated Grand Theatre.

Note how I skid sideways on the second ramp because it was wet. Unlike the able-bodied, I had to go outside and dodge raindrops during intermission to get to the other end of the Theatre to use an accessible washroom. The rest of the choir had a choice of 2 change rooms on stage, complete with a washroom.

Prior to the city investing 17.1 million dollars into renovations of the Grand Theatre, I asked if the stage would be made accessible. I was told no because the building was land locked and there weren't enough people with disabilities who would be needing it.

My question is, why couldn't they add a porch lift to one of the back doors and a fold away wall at one corner of the stage to create a temporary accessible change room to use on demand? It wouldn't be perfect because full integration would be lacking, but at least there would have been a little accommodation for those who have a disability and want to take part in the performing arts.

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