Lunch Anyone? A Dilemma for Wheelchair Users

Today there was a Provincial Government Finance Committee Conference at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel, and an acquaintance of mine from Ottawa, was in town to give them a presentation. During the break for lunch, I offered to go out to buy a Take-Out lunch. We both have mobility challenges. I use a power wheelchair and she uses a walker, so it made sense for me to head out to buy the lunch instead of making her walk too far to look for a sit-down restaurant.

I went up and down Ontario Street, King Street, Wellington Street and the lower part of Princess Street looking for a place to buy a take-out lunch, but I couldn't get into any of them. They had a step, or several steps, and this made it impossible for me to enter them. I thought I might be able to get the attention of an employee inside Subway on Ontario Street because I've done this before, but today I was not so lucky. I sat outside and waved, but it was too cold to stick around to do that for very long. I quickly gave up and moved on.

I was starting to think the best solution would be to wheel to my home on Rideau St, make us some sandwiches, and take them back, but then I remembered the Bookends Cafe in the library. Thankfully they were accessible and I was able to buy our lunch. Better yet, I was able to give my business to an employer who hires people with disabilities.

I wonder what the tourists would do?

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