Questions to my MPP - June 2006

No response was ever received. The office worker tried to resolve a few issues, but in the end, was not successful. I had to do without and basically wait for the AODA to change everything.

The Ontario Government says it is getting better and keeps touting the new AODA, but I see accessibility as staying the same or getting slightly worse.

Human Rights
  • Why aren’t inspections being done and business licenses withheld from those who are in contravention of the act?

  • Why is Human Rights having to intervene in the cases where the service or product is administered publicly? ie Kingston transit. They know it is not lawful to refuse a wheelchair on their accessible city buses, yet they’ve been doing it.

  • This discrimination happens because they know that the only remedy is for an individual to file a complaint and go through the long, slow, and often intimidating process of going through Human Rights.

  • I find human rights overwhelming despite my level of education and being lucky enough to learn through a forum that I could get a lawyer. Human Rights told me I couldn’t unless I could afford to pay for one on my own. I finally fired the lawyer because he did very little research and he was never able to meet with me or understand that I had no transportation to get to his office on short notice. If he is an example of the caliber of lawyers we’re get when we take a case to human rights, I don’t need it. I am limited in my ability to get out and do research and investigating, but my lawyer was doing even less.
Taxi’s - is any consideration being made about making it mandatory to offer accessible vehicles in order to renew a taxi license? If not, why?

AAC - I want to be part of that committee, but transportation limits me from being able to attend the meetings. Applications weren’t replied to either.

Vehicle Modification - Why can’t people get funding approval to modify vehicles if they live in a community with Access Bus? I am told I can’t, yet I know many who can. The only person I know who can authorize this is the person who refused to help me buy a usable power chair. Transportation is standing in the way of my getting a job so a vehicle would be a huge help.

ADP - Supposedly ADP no longer funds demonstrator’s for suppliers to allow people to try their chair before they buy. I ended up with a useless one because I had to pick it off the shop room floor.

ODSP - no coverage to pay for a rental when a power wheelchair is broken. I was told I would have to do without for 6 months while I waited for the funding approval to replace it.

Renting Power Wheelchairs - My old power chair was fixed despite me telling ODSP and the medical supplier not to fix it because there were too many other things wrong. The $2,000 wheel lasted about 1 month, or 10 kms.

ODSP funds and lack of guidelines - Confusion and lack of clear-cut guidelines on what funding exists and how to go about applying. I know what to do, but a lot of my peers don’t.

Reporting rules between subsidized housing and ODSP - The rules between ODSP and Housing are different as far as reporting income and I find it rather confusing. I have never received anything in writing from housing and I can’t seem to get their formula and rules for calculating rent when, and if, I ever manage to find a job and can start working.

Food Allowance - Anti-poverty coalition and the doctor’s signing those medicals… they weren’t penalized, but the people on disability were. Why?

Grants and funding - Need a brochure that gives more clear cut knowledge about what is available.

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