Healthy Holidays: A safe home for visitors young and old

The holiday season brings friends and family together. Many of us look forward to the little visitors – kids! If you don’t have children over to your home regularly, but are expecting them for the holidays, consider the following steps to ensure their safety in your home.

Lock up household hazardous products. Any products that say Danger, Poison, Warning and Caution should be completely locked up and out of reach of children. Remember that kids are great climbers, so even if they are up high – lock them up! If you are ready to get rid of some unused household hazardous products, take them to HazoHouse for free, safe disposal.

 Watch for hazards in visitors’ suitcases and purses. Kids can make their way into a bedroom searching bags and purses for treasures while you are still heating up the cider. Anything dangerous such as personal care products, medications, and shaving razors, should always be kept out of the reach of children. 

Check the bathrooms for hazards. It may seem like daily bathroom items are safe enough – but aerosol and pump sprays, perfumes, medications, and shaving razors can be dangerous to children. 

Look for tripping hazards. The very young and the very old may have some difficulties walking. Tidy up any tripping hazards such as cords and knickknacks. Consider removing small slippery throw rugs that might bunch up and trip someone. Don’t forget to do this outside where people will be walking. 

Clean the floors before small children come over. Little kids spend a lot of time on or near the ground. For deep carpet vacuuming, pass the vacuum over the same area 25 times. For hard surface floors, vacuum or sweep and then dust it with a water-dampened cloth. 

Look for choking hazards. Check for small items that  children might try to put in their mouths. It may not look appealing to you, but children see things differently. You’d be surprised what can look like candy. 

Make sure any firearms, lighters, knives, and other dangers are safely stored. It may seem like a child is old enough to know not to touch certain things, but it is better to be safe than sorry. 

Have the phone number for Poison Control handy: 1-800-222-1222 

Accidents happen, but let’s do what we can to prevent them. Happy safe and healthy holidays to all!

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