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Best Fresh Decorating Ideas to Try in 2014

Give your decor a boost with these fresh decorating ideas. You'll love these ideas to try in 2014! I hope you find these ideas useful and inspiring to you ...... Enjoy it !!!!

What's better than one rug? Two! Layer a smaller rug on top of a larger one to add dimension to a room. In this living room, the smaller rug defines the seating group. This trick works well if you have your eye on a rug that's a little pricey. If you start with a simple, solid base rug, you can buy a smaller, less expensive rug to add the pattern you crave.

Bedding sets are easy because everything is already pulled together for you. But the overall look can sometimes lack a little pizzazz. Swap out one or two items in your bedding set for something new, such as bright blue shams that pick up on the stripe in your duvet.

For a less permanent take on a pop of color, look to pillows, which can be purchased (or made) for a song and are easy to switch out. Buy a few basic pillow forms, then buy or make new pillow covers when the itch for a new look strikes.

Bring geology into your decor. Include real geodes and agates in a vignette. Or take the less literal route and use fabric or pillows bearing geode and agate patterns.

Not just for art, this soft and gauzy technique makes a splash on everything from fabric to tableware. Try watercolor patterns that include deep colors for a strong presence.

With a light construction and a reach to lofty heights, an etagere draws a commanding presence without taking up much visual space. These towers of shelves are ideal for living rooms, bathrooms, and dining rooms and provide plenty of storage and display space.

Lauded for its warmth and sheen, gold is a must-have metal in decor. It brings both richness and coziness to a space. Try a burnished finish for a subtle look.

One unique chair paired with a desk or a sofa can make a room sing. Look for a chair that has a standout frame or eye-catching upholstery. Select a chair that will mesh with the scale and style of the rest of the furniture. This wishbone chair is the right fit for the desk but would look diminutive next to a large sofa.

Combine utilitarian and rough-hewn for an of-the-moment look. Both industrial and rustic decor imbue a utilitarian feel. Industrial style takes its inspiration from machinery, and rustic elements are drawn from rural settings. Get the look by using metals and woods with worn finishes, clean-lined furnishings, and plenty of chic gray.

Switch subjects and take a decorating cue from geography. Frame maps for wall art or decoupage pages from old atlases on a variety of surfaces. Globes also make world-class additions to displays and vignettes.

Think of your home as the museum of your life. Instead of stashing mementos in boxes, find ways to use them in your decorating. Frame memorable ephemera, put vacation souvenirs on display, and include favorite family pictures throughout the house.

For chairs that aren't pushed up against a wall or tucked into a corner, consider an unexpected treatment for the chair backs. In instances where the backs of chairs are highly visible, such as dining room chairs or armchairs that "float" in a room, a different fabric or a contrasting color adds flair.

Wallpaper is a decorating tool that is back and better than ever. Fresh colors, patterns, and textures bring wallpaper back into the spotlight as a sophisticated option for walls. For a small change, consider wallpapering just one wall in a room or the back of a bookshelf.

If you're springing for new floors, consider laying the planks on a diagonal for an unexpected twist.

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2014 White Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

White cabinetry is a classic choice for a kitchen. Providing a neutral backdrop, white cabinets can be left alone or dressed up with colorful art and accessories.

White cabinets are a versatile choice for a kitchen. Though usually available in laminate or thermofoil (which can be difficult to paint over), more expensive custom wood cabinets can be ordered in a painted white or cream finish with distressed or glazed details.

With plenty of options, white cabinets don't have to be basic. If you want a warmer look, shift direction and use wood cabinetry for your island. Use the same hardware on both the white peimeter cabinets and the island, or the same countertop on both to tie the look together.

Like a little black dress, white cabinets are appropriate almost anywhere, whether your kitchen is sleek and modern or warm and traditional. Full-overlay cabinetry with doors that cover the entire cabinet frame present a minimalist profile, which works well in a modern kitchen. Pair the streamlined cabinetry with similarly styled hardware for the ultimate modern look.

An off white tone, glazing, and distressing techniques will give white cabinets traditional flair. Detailed door fronts and classic hardware will help solidify cabinetry as truly timeless.

White is a quintenssential cottage hue, which is why white cabinets work so well for the style. Pair the cabinets with vintage-inspired hardware, sweet pastels, and materials such as beaded board and wood surfaces for the ultimate in cottage style.

Even though white is simple, it fits well in elegant, showstopping kitchens. When used in tandem with detailed moldings and trimwork, glass door insets, and rich materials such as marble and stained cherrywood, white cabinets convey formality and grace.

Glaze applied to the edges, carved details, and reliefs gives white cabinets instant patina. Paneled cabinet doors, antique-inspired hardware, and details such as carved corbels, brackets, and turned legs will also turn white cabinets into old-world charmers.

Glazing and distressing say "traditional," while a high-gloss finish says "modern." The reflective surface of glossy cabinets will bounce light around the room and make the space feel bigger and lighter.

If you're concerned that white cabinet after white cabinet will turn your kitchen dull, shake it up with a bit of variety. Use glass doors in select upper cabinets, or include open shelves in your plan.

Add a little color to white cabinets with contrasting frames. To DIY this look, remove cabinet doors and paint them white. Once dry, mask off the door panels and paint the frames in your chosen color. Lighter colors work well for the frame. Once you've selected your accent color, pick a white with similar undertones for a look that will be well-blended, not jarring.

A black and white color combination is dramatic. When using the duo in a kitchen with white cabinets, keep the look from becoming theatrical by practicing restraint. Opt for black and white patterns with an organic or curvy aesthetic, rather than sharp and geometric, and use the black in small doses.

Bring a little pep to white cabinets with a colorful backsplash. White goes with almost anything, so backsplash options are wide open. Think about the look you want to create and the other elements in your kitchen, such as the floor and countertops, when selecting a backsplash color and material. With these parameters in mind, it will be easy to find something you love.

If you crave an all white look, use texture to your advantage. Subway tiles laid in a herringbone pattern or white stone with a mottled texture will add visual interest to your kitchen without breaking away from a sophisticated white scheme.

To create a new look without extensive remodeling, simply remove the doors from a few upper cabinets. Paint the interior of the cabinet boxes white, and show off eye catching dishes and accessories in your new display space.