Toxic algae advisories in effect at 5 Thurston County lakes

These advisories are no longer in effect.

Toxic blue-green algae advisories are in effect at Deep Lake, Black Lake, Long Lake, Scott Lake, and Pattison Lake.

When there is a toxic algae bloom, people are advised to:
  • Avoid contact with the lake.
  • Keep pets out of the water.  
  • If fishing, catch and release is the safest practice.

Learn about blue-green algae from this previous blog post, Blue-green Algae Blooms.

A list of advisories is kept up-to-date on the Swimming in Thurston County web page.

If you have questions, contact Jane Mountjoy-Venning: (360) 867-2643, VenninJ@co.thurston.wa.usor Art Starry: 867-2587

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