First Batch of PROTON cars to Chile- The restart of exports by PROTON to other countries & other technical details

Today marks PROTON cars re-entry into the Chilean automotive market. The last Proton car exported there was a batch of Proton Wira sedans back in 1998. This time, under a new initiative by Andes Motor, a subsidiary of the Kaufmann Group who are a distributor of heavy vehicles, trucks and buses in Chile.

 Left - Dato' Abdul Harith Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer of PROTON, Dato’ Syed Muhamad Syed Murtaza, BOD of PROTON, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Chairman of PROTON, Mr Francisco Mason, Embassy of Chile in Malaysia, Encik Mohd Khalid Yusof, Director of PROTON.

 50 units of Proton Prevé left hand drive (“LHD”) will be on its way to San Antonio, Chile, this batch marks the first batch of cars from the total of 1,000 units of cars PROTON anticipates to sell in Chile this year. Aside from the Preve (in both Turbocharged and non-turbo forms) Proton will market and sell the LHD Exora and Saga. The cars will be initially marketed in main cities of Santiago, Concepcion Vina La Serena, Antofagasta and Valdivia Temuco Osorno. Sales are expected to begin in May 2016 beginning with the Preve and Exora followed by the Saga by September 2016.The cars benefit from a 6% tax exempt under a free trade agreement and the Preve CFE should go for USD17,000 per unit there. 

Aside from the cars having the steering on the 'wrong' side, or on the left , there are virtually no differences from the one Proton sells locally. The cars comply with the Euro 5 a emissions standard (which Chile follows and surprisingly of a higher standard than here in Malaysia). And here we thought Proton cannot have engines that can cope with Euro 5. Although the issue with Euro 5 is that Europe currently runs the Euro 5b (with Euro 6 coming on line) which has a much lower particulate rating that the current Proton line-up still cannot achieve. So whilst Proton could sell its cars over in Europe, they would be subjected to some tax penalties, and thus be priced competitively. 

So before their new engine comes on line, it is these smaller emerging markets that Proton are tapping. Chile is the first of a new wave of Proton exports with a initial sales target of 1,000 units yearly. 

On the Proton Saga,  this will be the current Saga that is sold today. The soon to be launched new model is still undergoing LHD development as is the Proton Iriz in LHD form. As for why the Suprima wasn't chose for this market, the reason being market demand for Chile is for sedans. 

Also mentioned at the press conference is Proton's export plans to Bangladesh. Usually we hear Bangladesh imports in terms of manpower but within Proton, it is another export market. Proton has just sold 10 units of the Preve over there with CKD (local assembly) of the Preve, Saga and Exora within the next few months for tax break purposes (like here in Malaysia). They are also targeting about 1,200 units of Proton yearly. 

Chile has a population of 17.3million people with a passenger car market of 330,000. Proton wants a small share to being with. Bangladesh has about 170million people and a growing middle class but, with a small private passenger car market for now. 15,000 cars imported yearly through the port of Chittagong, of which 65-70% are used reconditioned Japanese models. The Proton in Bangladesh wll be priced like a used Japanese import due to the tax incentives of CKD production.

There was a question on the small volume and the countries chosen. Anything that adds to the total production volume of Proton or any auto manufacturer is a good thing. What Proton are doing is tapping what markets they can afford to be competitive in. Chile with its 6% tax relief and Bangladesh with even larger CKD tax exempts are a good start. Imagine 10 new markets, each with a minimum of 1,000 cars yearly. That is still 10,000 units of extra cars Proton has to make and can generate profit from.  

Notice the fact that Proton have been in the news almost every week these days. They are not sitting quietly. 

....with the team that made Chile happen.


SUBANG JAYA, 1 March 2016: PROTON Holdings Berhad ("PROTON" or "the Company") re-enters the Chile market after its last export of the Proton Wira in 1998. 50 units of Proton Prevé left hand drive (“LHD”) will be on its way to San Antonio, Chile, to mark the first batch of cars from the total of 1,000 units of cars PROTON anticipates to sell in Chile this year.

Proton cars will be sold by Andes Motor, a subsidiary of the Kaufmann Group, a distributor for Chile who signed the Distributor Agreement with PROTON on 1 July 2015.

"Our plan to export to Chile started back when the Malaysia-Chile Free Trade Agreement (“FTA”) was signed on 25 February 2012. PROTON enjoys a 6% exemption of import duty and we are thankful to the Malaysian government for this trade initiative. This gave us the opportunity to identify a viable marketplace for the entry of a left-hand drive market for our cars," said Dato' Abdul Harith Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer of PROTON.

Besides the Prevé, LHD Exora and Saga are the other two models that will also be marketed in main cities of Santiago, Concepcion Vina La Serena, Antofagasta and Valdivia Temuco Osorno.

"We are excited to re-enter the Chilean market after we sold almost 3,000 units of cars back then, from 1994 to 1998. Now, we have a new partner, who is a leading distributor of buses, trucks and luxury cars with a vast network to provide proven sales and after sales services. PROTON will be their first and only passenger car brand to be marketed for the mass market, with Chile's population of 17.6 million and a total industry volume of around 330,000 passenger cars. This huge market potential is a golden opportunity for PROTON in our efforts to increase our production volume and expand our sales and market presence," Dato' Harith added.

"As this year is an interesting year for PROTON, we are positive that this is the beginning of many more opportunities to go global, especially after we complete our current new engine programme for us to meet the more stringent regulations of European countries. We shall continue to build good cars and carry out product improvements so that we not only do better in our home turf, but improve our global presence as well," Dato' Harith added further.

The launch sales for the Prevé and Exora in Chile are targeted to be in May 2016 followed with the Saga in November 2016. The models that will be available for the Chilean market are Prevé 1.6 Standard MT, Prevé 1.6 Executive MT and Prevé 1.6 Premium CVT.  Meanwhile for the Exora, it will be the 1.6 Standard CVT and Exora 1.6 Premium CVT. In November 2016, the Saga FLX 1.6 Standard MT and Saga FLX 1.6 Premium MT will make its debut entry.

Lowongan Kerja Poltekkes Kemenkes Mataram

Politeknik Kesehatan Kemenkes Mataram
Lowongan Kerja Poltekkes Kemenkes Mataram - Assamu'alaikum, Siang ini admin kembali akan membagi info lowongan kerja terbaru. Politeknik Kesehatan Kemenkes Mataram merupakan salah satu dari 38 Politeknik Kesehatan Kemenkes yang berada di seluruh Indonesia. Politeknik Kesehatan Kemenkes Mataram sebagai penyelenggara pendidikan keahlian bertujuan menyiapkan peserta didik menjadi insan yang memiliki keahlian dalam menerapkan, mengembangkan dan menyebarluaskan teknologi serta mengupayakan penggunaannya untuk meningkatkan taraf kesehatan masyarakat. Poltekkes Kemenkes Mataram mengundang putra/putri bangsa Indonesia yang berintegritas dan berdedikasi tinggi guna mengikuti seleksi penerimaan tenaga Kesehatan di Provinsi NTB ntuk posisi sebagai : "Tenaga Enumerator"

Untuk mencapai visi perusahaan yaitu menjadi kelompok bisnis terkemuka di Indonesia yang memberikan pelayanan terbaik kepada stakeholder-nya, Poltekkes Kemenkes Mataram sedang mencari pemuda - pemudi terbaik yang sangat kompeten dan termotivasi diri untuk mengisi posisi lowongan kerja terbaru 2016.

Dalam rangka memperluas jaringan bisnis terbaru bulan Maret 2016 dan untuk memenuhi kebutuhan sumber daya manusia Poltekkes Kemenkes Mataram di Lowongan Terbaru posisi : BANYAK POSISI LOWONGAN KERJA

Pada hari ini bulan Maret 2016 Poltekkes Kemenkes Mataram kembali membuka kesempatan berkarir atau membuka Lowongan Terbaru bulan Maret 2016 untuk lulusan terbaru dengan kualifikasi sebagai berikut :

Lowongan Kerja Poltekkes Kemenkes Mataram

Kementerian Kesehatan Melalui Badan pengembangan dan pemberdayaan SDM Kesehatan POLITEKNIK KESEHATAN KEMENKES MATARAM kembali membuka kesempatan kepada putra putri indonesia untuk menjadi menjadi tenaga Enumerator pada risete penyakit tidak menular (PTM) dan Survey Kesehatan Nasional (Surkernas) di propinsi NTB Tahun 2016 melalui Lowongan kerja Kemenkes terbaru sebagai berikut :

Loker Poltekkes Kemenkes Mataram : TENAGA ENUMERATOR

1. Kualifikasi 
  • Riset Penyakit Tidak Menular (PTM)
    • Tamatan D3 Kebidanan 52 orang
    • Tamatan D3 Keperawatan 16 orang
  • Surkernas
    • Tamatan D3 Kebidanan 15 orang
    • Tamatan D3 Keperawatan 15 orang
    • Tamatan D3 Gizi 12 orang
    • Tamatan D3 Farmasi 6 orang

2. Waktu dan lokasi Riset :
  • Riset penyakit tidak menular (PTM) Selama kuranglebih 19 hari di kota mataram dan kabupaten lombok tengah
  • Surkernas selama kurang lebih 17 hari di kabupaten lombok barat, kabupaten lombok utara, kab lombok tengah, kab lombok timur, kabupaten Sumbawa, Kabupaten Dompu dan Kabupaten Bima

3. Persyaratan Loker :
  • Membuat Surata lamaran kerja yang ditulis pada kertas Folio dengan menggunakan tinta HITAM
  • Latar belakang pendidikan dibuktikan dengan Fotokopi Ijazah yang dilegalisir
  • Umur maksimal 35 tahun
  • Bukan PNS (Pegawai Negeri Sipil)
  • Bagi yang sudah bekerja harus mendapatkan ijin tertulis dari atasan
  • Berbadan sehat jasmani dan rohani (dibuktikan dengan surat kesehatan dari puskesmas)
  • Tidak dalam keadaan hamil atau tidak dalam masa nifas (bagi Perempuan)
  • Tidak sedang menjalani pendidikan
  • Siap penempatan dimanapun lokasi penelitian
  • Lebih diutamakan berdomisili diwilayah posisi penelitian dibuktikan dengan fotokopi KTP
  • Bersedia mengikuti pelatihan enumerator selama tujuh hari
  • Siap berada secara penuh dikabupaten / kota terpilih lokasi penelitian
  • Siap menandatangani kontrak sebagai tenaga enumerator
  • Mempunyai kepesertaan BPJS atau asuransi kesehatan lainnya
  • Jika mengundurkan diri selama atau setelah pelatihan diwajibkan mengganti biaya pelatihan sesuai biaya yang ditetapkan pada Litbangkes Kementerian Kesehatan Republik Indonesia
  • Bisa menjalankan aplikasi komputer
  • Pas Foto Ukuran 4x6 dengan background MERAH

Catatan :
  • Loker Poltekkes Kemenkes Mataram ditutup tanggal : 08 Maret 2016

Bagaimana Anda tertarik untuk bekerja di Poltekkes Kemenkes Mataram ?

Jika anda tertarik dengan loker terbaru hari ini bulan Maret 2016 ini yaitu yang memberikan informasi kepada anda tentang : Lowongan Kerja Politeknik Kesehatan Kemenkes Mataram, Silahkan Kirim Persyaratan Loker beserta kelengkapannya via POS kealamat dibawah ini :

Jalan Praburangkasari, Dasam Cermen, Sandubaya, Mataram
Telp (0370)631160, 085937000520.


Lowongan Kerja PT WIKA Beton Tbk - Karyawan WIKA Beton - Maret 2016

Info Loker Maret 2016 PT WIKA Beton Tbk - PT Wijaya Karya Beton (PT WIKA Beton) pemimpin di pasar beton pracetak di Indonesia, yang awalnya beroperasi sebagai sebuah divisi di bawah naungan PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk. (PT WIKA Tbk). Divisi ini mengawali eksistensinya dengan memproduksi tiang listrik dengan metode konvensional untuk keperluan Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN). Setelah kegiatan usahanya bertumbuh pesat, divisi tersebut berdiri sebagai entitas tersendiri dengan nama PT WIKA Beton melalui Akta Pendirian Perseroan Terbatas “PT Wijaya Karya Beton” No. 44 tanggal 11 Maret 1997, yang dibuat di hadapan Achmad Bajumi, S.H., pengganti dari Imas Fatimah, S.H., Notaris di Jakarta juncto akta Pemasukan, Pengeluaran dan Perubahan Anggaran Dasar No.39 tanggal 19 November 1997, yang dibuat di hadapan Imas Fatimah, S.H., Notaris di Jakarta.
Lowongan Kerja Maret 2016 PT WIKA Beton Tbk - Anggaran Dasar Perseroan telah beberapa kali mengalami perubahan, termasuk untuk menyesuaikan dengan Undang-Undang Perseroan Terbatas sebagaimana termaktub dalam Akta No. 67/2008, dan yang terakhir di tahun 2013 adalah Akta Pernyataan Keputusan Pemegang Saham di Luar Rapat No. 57 tanggal 23 Agustus 2013 yang dibuat di hadapan Sri Ismiyati, S.H., Notaris di Jakarta Utara, yang mengubah ketentuan Pasal 3 ayat 3 tentang maksud dan tujuan kegiatan usaha. (“Akta No. 57/2013). Anggaran Dasar Perseroan masih akan mengalami perubahan seiring dengan transformasi PT WIKA Beton menjadi perusahaan publik. Saat ini, Perseroan dikenal luas sebagai produsen produk-produk beton berkualitas tinggi, antara lain, tiang pancang, balok jembatan, pipa, bantalan jalan rel kereta api, dinding penahan tanah, produk beton maritim dan beton bangunan gedung. Perseroan memiliki pangsa pasar terbesar, dengan memiliki 8 (delapan) pabrik, 6 (enam) wilayah penjualan dan 2 (dua) kantor representative penjualan yang tersebar di seluruh Indonesia.

Lowongan Kerja PT WIKA Beton Tbk
Karyawan WIKA Beton - Maret 2016

PT WIKA Beton Tbk membutuhkan calon pegawai & memberikan kesempatan kepada putra-putri terbaik Indonesia dengan integritas serta komitmen tinggi untuk bergabung dan berkarir bersama kami dengan mengisi Lowongan Kerja Terbaru 2016 pada posisi sebagai berikut : 
  1. Adm. Pelaksana Proyek (APP)
  2. Adm. Penjualan & Kontrak (APK)
Kualifikasi pelamar :
  • Pria
  • D3 Teknik Sipil (IPK Min. 2,75 Skala 4)
  • Berusia max. 28 Tahun per tanggal 31 Maret 2016
  • Mampu berbahasa inggris dengan baik (lisan dan tulisan)
Persyaratan administratif :
  • Surat lamaran, Curriculum Vitae (CV), dan Pasphoto
  • Copy kartu identitas, ijazah, transkrip nilai akademik
  • Sertifikat pendukung lainnya.

Tata Cara Pengajuan Lamaran : 

Jika Anda memenuhi kualifikasi dan persyaratan perkerjaan ini, silakan kirimkan berkas lamaran Anda secara resmi melalui alamat berikut ini :

PT Wijaya Karya Beton Tbk.
Wilayah Penjualan II
Jl. Bambang Utoyo Rama Kasih Raya No. 957
Palembang 30115

Permohonan diterima paling lambat tanggal 7 Maret 2016

Informasi lebih lanjut, silakan lihat sumber resmi berikut ini :
Lowongan Kerja PT WIKA Beton Tbk

Penerimaan Tamtama TNI AD Gelombang 1 Tahun 2016

Info Loker Maret 2016 Calon Prajurit TNITentara Nasional Indonesia atau biasa disingkat TNI adalah nama sebuah angkatan perang dari negera Indonesia. Pada awal dibentuk bernama Tentara Keamanan Rakyat (TKR) kemudian berganti nama menjadi Tentara Republik Indonesia (TRI) dan kemudian diubah lagi namanya menjadi Tentara Nasional Indonesia (TNI) hingga saat ini.
Tentara Nasional Indonesia (TNI) terdiri dari tiga angkatan bersenjata, yaitu TNI Angkatan Darat, TNI Angkatan Laut, dan TNI Angkatan Udara. TNI dipimpin oleh seorang Panglima TNI, sedangkan masing-masing angkatan dipimpin oleh seorang Kepala Staf Angkatan. Panglima TNI saat ini adalah Jenderal TNI Gatot Nurmantyo.
Pada masa Demokrasi Terpimpin hingga masa Orde Baru, TNI pernah digabungkan dengan POLRI. Penggabungan ini disebut dengan ABRI (Angkatan Bersenjata Republik Indonesia).
Lowongan Kerja Maret 2016 Calon Prajurit TNI - Sesuai Ketetapan MPR nomor VI/MPR/2000 tentang pemisahan TNI dan POLRI serta Ketetapan MPR nomor VII/MPR/2000 tentang Peran TNI dan peran POLRI maka pada tanggal 30 September 2004 telah disahkan Rancangan Undang-Undang TNI oleh Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat yang selanjutnya ditandatangani oleh Presiden Megawati Soekarnoputri pada tanggal 19 Oktober 2004.

Penerimaan Calon Prajurit TNI Angkatan Darat
Minimal SMP / SMA / Sederajat - Maret 2016

Tentara Nasional Indonesia memberikan kesempatan kepada putra-putri terbaik Indonesia dengan integritas serta komitmen tinggi untuk bergabung dan mengabdi bersama kami kepada NKRI dengan mengisi Lowongan Kerja Terbaru 2016 pada posisi sebagai berikut :

Penerimaan Tamtama TNI AD Gelombang 1 - TA 2016

Persyaratan umum :
  • Warga Negara Indonesia;
  • Beriman dan bertaqwa kepada Tuhan Yang Maha Esa;
  • Setia kepada Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia yang berdasarkan Pancasila dan Undang-Undang Dasar Republik Indonesia tahun 1945;
  • Berumur paling rendah 18 tahun dan paling tinggi 22 tahun pada saat pembukaan pendidikan pertama tanggal 21 April 2016;
  • Tidak memiliki catatan kriminalitas yang dikeluarkan secara tertulis oleh Polri;
  • Sehat jasmani dan rohani serta tidak berkacamata; dan
  • Tidak sedang kehilangan hak menjadi prajurit berdasarkan putusan pengadilan yang telah memperoleh kekuatan hukum tetap.
Persyaratan lain yang harus dipenuhi antara lain :
  • Laki-laki, bukan anggota/mantan prajurit TNI/Polri;
  • Serendah-rendahnya berijazah/lulusan SMP/sederajat atau yang setara baik negeri atau swasta yang terakreditasi;
  • Memiliki tinggi badan sekurang-kurangnya 163 cm, serta memiliki berat badan seimbang menurut ketentuan yang berlaku;
  • Belum pernah menikah dan sanggup tidak menikah selama dalam mengikuti pendidikan pertama sampai dengan 2 (dua) tahun setelah selesai pendidikan pertama;
  • Bersedia menjalani Ikatan Dinas Pertama (IDP) selama 10 (sepuluh) tahun;
  • Bersedia ditempatkan di seluruh wilayah Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia; dan
  • Harus mengikuti pemeriksaan/pengujian yang diselenggarakan oleh panitia penerimaan yang meliputi: a) administrasi; b) kesehatan; c) jasmani; d) mental ideologi; dan e) psikologi.
Persyaratan tambahan yang harus dipenuhi antara lain :
  • Harus ada surat persetujuan orang tua/wali dan orang tua/wali selama proses penerimaan prajurit TNI AD tidak melakukan intervensi terhadap panitia penerimaan maupun penyelenggara pendidikan pertama dalam bentuk apapun, kapanpun dan dimanapun;
  • Bagi yang memperoleh ijazah dari negara lain atau lembaga pendidikan di luar naungan Kemendikbud, harus mendapat pengesahan dari Kemendikbud;
  • Tidak bertato/bekas tato dan tidak ditindik/bekas tindik, kecuali yang disebabkan oleh ketentuan agama/adat;
Bagi yang sudah bekerja harus melengkapi persyaratan sebagai berikut :
  • Melampirkan surat persetujuan/ijin dari kepala dinas/ jawatan/instansi yang bersangkutan; dan
  • Bersedia diberhentikan dari status pegawai, bila diterima menjadi Tamtama PK TNI AD.
  • Melampirkan surat keterangan dari Babinsa setempat dengan diketahui Lurah/Kades asal tempat tinggal.
  • Bersedia mematuhi peraturan bebas KKN baik langsung maupun tidak langsung, apabila terbukti secara hukum melanggar sebagaimana yang dimaksud, maka harus bersedia dinyatakan tidak lulus dan atau dikeluarkan dari Dikma, jika pelanggaran tersebut di ketemukan di kemudian hari pada saat mengikuti pendidikan pertama.
Penerimaan Tamtama TNI Angkatan Udara Gelombang I TA 2016

Tata Cara Pengajuan Lamaran : 

Jika Anda memenuhi kualifikasi pakerjaan dan berminat untuk melamar perkerjaan ini, silakan kirimkan lamaran Anda secara online melalui website berikut ini :

Rekrutmen TNI Angkatan Darat via

Penerimaan paling lambat tanggal 5 Maret 2016

Informasi lebih lanjut, silakan lihat sumber resmi berikut ini :
Lowongan Kerja 2016

Say Hello to the Volkswagen Phideon - A China only flagship which replaces the Phaeton there

Volkswagen is replacing the Phaeton. But only in China. The Phideon, name taken after the Roman Goddess of Fertility, Fides is a German designed exclusive for the China market replacement for the long running Phaeton. The thing about the market in China is that Volkswagen sells in vast numbers and what ever you say about the brand anywhere else makes to relevance. DSG failures there, Volkswagen gives you ten years warranty. Want a very long wheelbase Passat, they give you something called a Mangosteen. I mean Magotan. They sell over two million cars over there yearly. Or thereabouts. Our market is tiny. Really tiny.

So here we have the Volkswagen MLB platform (front wheel driven longitudinally based engine layout) that we see in the latest Passat B8 and larger Audis (like its flagship A8) stretched and widened to make it into A huge PHIDEON. Actually a large Passat B8 with a more blunt and squared off design. And nice rear lights. 

No interior pics as yet but it would be obviously nice as I have not seen a premium specced car from Volkswagen looking like a low rent flat these days. Engine wise the Phideon gets the 3.0liter turbocharged V6 (300hp and 440nm) with a 2.0liter turbocharged TSi engine later on.

The car should go on sale by the third quarter of this year (2016) and is debuting at the Geneva Motor Show shortly.

Lowongan Kerja PT PP (Persero) Tbk - Management Trainee - Maret 2016

Lowongan Kerja BUMN Maret 2016 PT PP (Persero) Tbk - PT Pembangunan Perumahan (Persero) Tbk, disingkat PT PP (Persero) Tbk namun lebih populer dipanggil PT PP atau PP saja, adalah salah satu BUMN yang bergerak di bidang perencanaan dan konstruksi bangunan (real estate). Perusahaan ini berdiri tanggal 26 Agustus 1953 dengan nama NV Pembangunan Perumahan. Namanya berganti menjadi PN Pembangunan Perumahan melalui Peraturan Pemerintah No 63 tahun 1960. Berdasarkan Peraturan Pemerintah RI no. 39 tahun 1971 statusnya berubah menjadi PT Pembangunan Perumahan (Persero).
Info Loker BUMN Maret 2016 PT PP (Persero) Tbk - Sebagai suatu BUMN, mayoritas (51%) kepemilikan saham PT PP dipegang oleh Pemerintah Republik Indonesia dan sisanya (49%) dipegang karyawan dan manajemen PT PP. Sejak IPO, mayoritas (51%) saham dipegang pemerintah, 21,4% saham publik dan 27,6% saham dipegang karyawan dan manajemen PT PP.
Bidang usaha utama BUMN ini adalah pelaksana konstruksi bangunan gedung dan sipil. PT PP juga mengerjakan bidang usaha terkait lainnya, seperti manajemen gedung, pengembangan properti dan realti.

Lowongan Kerja PT PP (Persero) Tbk 
Management Regular Program (MT) - Maret 2016

PT Pembangunan Perumahan (Persero) Tbk memberikan kesempatan kepada putra-putri terbaik Indonesia dengan integritas serta komitmen tinggi untuk bergabung dan berkarir bersama kami dengan mengisi Lowongan Kerja 2016 Terbaru pada posisi OJT / Management Program sebagai berikut :

Human Resources Officer - Management Regular Program

Deskripsi kerja :
  • Mengelola payroll dan cash & benefit dalam lingkup wilayah operasi tertentu
  • Mengelola asuransi kesehatan pegawai dalam lingkup wilayah operasi tertentu
  • Mengelola rekrutmen dan seleksi
  • Mengelola training & development
  • Mengelola administrasi cuti karyawan
  • Mengelola database kayawan dalam lingkup wilayah operasi tertentu
  • Melaksanakan instruksi dan tugas yang menunjang kinerja perusahaan dari atasan
  • Melaksanakan tugas dan tanggung jawab berdasarkan WI (Work Instructions) dan Job Description yang tersedia berdasarkan jabatan yang dipegang
Persyaratan kerja :
  • Lulusan S1 Psikologi, Administrasi, Manajemen, PR dari universitas negeri/terkemuka
  • Usia tidak lebih dari 26 tahun
  • Fresh Graduate, atau pengalaman kerja kurang dari 1 tahun
  • IPK minimal 3,00
  • TOEFL/TOEFL Prediction Score minimal 450
  • Memahami struktur dan kinerja sumber daya manusia
  • Kerapihan, Penampilan, & Kerja Keras lebih diutamakan
  • Bersedia ditempatkan di seluruh wilayah operasi PT PP (Persero) Tbk 

Tata Cara Pengajuan Lamaran :

Jika Anda memenuhi kualifikasi pakerjaan dan berminat untuk melamar perkerjaan ini, silakan kirimkan lamaran Anda secara online melalui website berikut :

Rekrutmen PT PP (Persero) Tbk dengan klik APPLY dibawah halaman.

Informasi lebih lanjut, silakan lihat sumber resmi berikut ini :
Lowongan Kerja di BUMN

Lowongan Kerja PT Sugar Group Companies - S1 Berbagai Jurusan - Maret 2016

Lowongan Kerja Maret 2016 PT Sugar Group Companies - PT Sugar Group Companies merupakan salah satu perusahaan yang memiliki Perkebunan Tebu dan Pabrik Gula terbesar di Indonesia. Dengan hampir 20 tahun pengalaman dalam industri, Sugar Group Companies adalah kelas dunia produsen gula terpadu di Indonesia, dan mencakup setiap aspek dari produksi gula dari tanaman tebu, penggilingan, penyulingan, dan kemasan untuk distribusi dan pemasaran untuk industri, grosir dan ritel pelanggan.
Sugar Group Companies memiliki sekitar 60.000 hektar perkebunan tebu dan tiga pabrik gula di pulau Sumatera, memproduksi lebih dari 450.000 ton gula per tahun – sekitar 30% dari produksi gula total di Indonesia dan menguasai pangsa pasar 15%. Sugar Group Companies juga mengoperasikan etanol terbesar di Indonesia dengan kapasitas produksi penyulingan tahunan lebih dari 40 juta liter.
Info Loker Maret 2016 PT Sugar Group Companies - Sugar Group Companies mencapai sinergi yang signifikan dengan mengoperasikan empat pabrik dan perkebunan sebagai satu kelompok. Strategi manajemen Sugar Group Companies memberikan efisiensi biaya dan fleksibilitas operasional melalui skala ekonomi. Sebagai perusahaan gula terintegrasi, memiliki keuntungan dari pasokan mandiri bahan baku untuk pabrik-pabrik gula dan penyulingan etanol. Semua pabrik Sugar Group Companies terus dipelihara dan ditingkatkan untuk meningkatkan produksi dan efisiensi.
Sugar Group Companies terdiri dari empat perusahaan, PT Gula Putih Mataram (GPM), PT Manis Indolampung (SIL), PT Indolampung Perkasa (ILP) dan PT Indolampung Distillery (ILD).

Lowongan Kerja PT Sugar Group Companies
S1 Berbagai Jurusan - Maret 2016

PT Sugar Group Companies adalah Perkebunan dan Pabrik Gula di Propinsi Lampung. Kami mengajak Anda untuk bergabung dengan perusahaan kami. Berikut Lowongan Kerja Terbaru dengan posisi dan kualifikasi yang kami butuhkan:


Kualifikasi pelamar :
  • Dapat Berbahasa Inggris
  • IPK Min. 3.00
  • Lulusan S1 :
  • Fakultas Teknik
  • Fakultas Ekonomi dan Manajemen
  • Fakultas MIPA
  • Dapat bekerja secara individu dan tim
  • Memiliki daya analisa yang baik; Mampu bekerja dibawah tekanan
  • Penempatan di kantor Sugar Group Companies Jakarta
  • Proses Recruitment akan dilakukan di Jakarta

Berkas Lamaran terdiri dari:
  • CV
  • Fotocopy Ijasah dan Transkip Nilai yang sudah di legalisir (Surat Keterangan Lulus bagi yang belum wisuda)
  • Fotocopy KTP
  • Foto 4 x 6 sebanyak 2 lembar
Tata Cara Pengajuan Lamaran : 

Jika Anda memenuhi kualifikasi pakerjaan dan berminat untuk melamar perkerjaan ini, silakan kirimkan Berkas lamaran dan CV secara resmi melalui alamat berikut ini : & (Maks. 300 KB) dengan mencantumkan kode “BUYER” di subject email.

Penerimaan paling lambat tanggal 14 Maret 2016

Informasi lebih lanjut, silakan lihat sumber resmi berikut ini :
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You Are the Company You Keep

People have frequently asked, if the McCanns were innocent, why would they need Michael Caplan QC, known for having represented Augusto Pinochet in extradition proceedings?

Equally one might ask, why would they need the ever transparent* David Rose? Or even the despicable BBC for that matter?

Why indeed?

Read on.

Panorama walk-out over McCann film

David Rose
Sunday 25 November 2007 10.25 GMT
Last modified on Friday 8 January 2016 07.43 GMT

Why did TV journalist David Mills, the producer of a Panorama film on the McCann affair, quit the project before it was transmitted last week? The Observer's David Rose reveals the inside story of the latest row to hit the BBC's flagship show

In the credits at the end of last week's Panorama special on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, one name was conspicuous by its absence - that of David Mills, the programme's original producer. His name had disappeared from the end credits despite the fact that it was his company, Mills Productions, that had done all the research and was responsible for bringing the exclusive footage at the film's heart to the BBC.

Two weeks before transmission last Tuesday, Mills - one of Britain's most respected documentary-makers, who in his 40-year career has made 120 investigative films for broadcasters including the BBC, Granada, Thames and America's CBS - walked out of the programme after a furious row with Panorama's editor, Sandy Smith, over the programme's approach and argument.

He then wrote a stinging email to the BBC attacking Panorama for losing its journalistic passion. It has created a stir in the media world, mixing as it does the controversial issues of the McCanns and how their story is covered, journalistic balance and television current affairs.

'I had written a draft script and had already been told it was compelling,' Mills said. 'Sandy turned up with a completely different version and basically imposed it on me. I told him, "I cannot edit the film to this: it's a completely different show, and I'm not going to do it." To have this happening is very depressing.'

The incident - one of several controversies Panorama has faced this year - suggests, Mills said, that 'the BBC is no longer interested in serious current affairs'. BBC sources confirmed last night that the decisions about the programme's shape had been taken 'close to the top' of the BBC management hierarchy - which has already conducted a series of internal meetings over how the corporation should approach McCann case coverage in general.

As one of those interviewed by Mills and the programme's reporter, Richard Bilton, I can attest to how different the programme shown was to what they told me less than a month ago that they were envisaging. Along with The Observer's Ned Temko, who has covered the case for this newspaper, I ended up on the cutting-room floor. At that stage - as Mills's draft script makes plain - his intention was to make an analytical, investigative programme that would have been very critical of the Portuguese police, not only for the errors in their investigation, but for their apparent campaign of disinformation designed to put pressure on Madeleine's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann. It would also have criticised both the local and British press over allegations that they recycled unfounded rumours with little sign of fact-checking or detachment.

It would, as Mills confirmed again yesterday, have scrutinised the various allegations that have been floated against the McCanns and concluded they are baseless: 'We had an investigative team looking into the story for weeks. Our assessment was that the purported DNA evidence was weak and inconclusive, while so far as we could tell the supposedly significant "discrepancies" between the stories told by the McCanns' friends about the night of Madeleine's disappearance amount to very little indeed.'

The original film would have compared Madeleine to the JonBenet Ramsey case in Colorado, about which Mills has made three previous documentaries. After the body of JonBenet, a child beauty pageant winner aged six, was found in her parents' Boulder home, they were vilified by the police and media, despite their continued insistence that they had nothing to do with her death. They claimed she had been killed by an intruder. Mills's version of the McCann Panorama featured an interview - eventually not used - with JonBenet's father, John, in which he said that the Colorado police 'did a great job of convincing the media and the world that we were guilty, but they couldn't charge us, because of course they had no case'. Years later DNA evidence proved beyond doubt that JonBenet had been killed by an intruder. John Ramsey told Panorama: 'It's a life-time damage. No question about it.'

The programme on the McCanns that was broadcast by Panorama was much less ambitious. It recited the case both for and against the McCanns, but had nothing harsh to say about either the police or the media. It did include new material, including a video diary shot of the McCanns in Portugal by their friend John Corner - footage that had been acquired by Mills and had led to his company getting the BBC commission.

It also cast doubt on some of the wilder claims published by the tabloids, and contained the first interview with Jane Tanner, one of the McCanns' companions on the holiday in Praia de Luz last May, who said that she was certain she had seen a girl who looked like Madeleine being carried in the street by a strange man around the time she is thought to have disappeared. But the programme avoided firm conclusions.

Having handed the film's editing over to a colleague, Mills emailed Smith on Monday, the day before transmission, saying he felt compelled to remove both his name and his company's from the credits. 'In part this is because its muddled structure and lack of narrative drive means it is far below the standard of any work that I or my company would wish to be associated with,' the email said. 'In part, too, my decision reflects the programme's intellectual impoverishment. The McCann case poses issues of real importance which Panorama should have examined. That it is instead running a laboured, pedestrian, extended news report is shameful.

'But the most important reason for my decision is that because the programme is insufficiently analytical it verges on the dishonest. Our lengthy investigation revealed that there is no meaningful evidence against the McCanns... The real question must be how, without any meaningful evidence, the Portuguese police and the media in Portugal and Britain have been able to convince most people that the couple were involved.'

Mills had been working closely with a CBS team, which also used the video diary footage. They, he told Smith, had concluded it was 'ludicrous' and 'crazy' to think the McCanns could have caused the death or disappearance.

Smith emailed Mills back, accusing him of wanting to broadcast 'advocate journalism', and pointing out that the broadcast version did describe some of the allegations against the McCanns as 'tenuous, to put it mildly'. Smith said that, while it was true that the programme 'changed substantively,' this was because 'it is a current affairs programme and it was overtaken by events'. He added: 'To get Jane Tanner and some of the McCann family meant that some of the other stuff moved to the edge, and the original version was just not journalistically as important.'

Mills disagrees. 'So far as I can see, investigative journalism at the BBC is over,' he said. 'The broadcast script contains nuances that suggest that the McCanns still have a case to answer. The BBC should have had the courage to state that this is simply not so.'

Clarence Mitchell, the former BBC reporter who is the McCanns' spokesman, said Kate and Gerry were 'content' with the broadcast version and accepted that events meant it had to change. He said they had spoken to Bilton and told him they considered the film to be 'fair'.

Other McCann family members were less happy. John, Gerry's brother, whose interview was broadcast, said: 'It wasn't the programme that I was told they were going to make. They've made something very different, and I am disappointed, because I'd hoped the full story was going to be told. Nevertheless I'm pleased they interviewed Jane Tanner. She said she saw Madeleine being abducted, and we want people to remember that.'

The row follows controversies over previous films this year, such as a report on Scientology by former Observer journalist John Sweeney, in which he lost his temper and turned - in his words - into an 'exploding tomato,' and a story claiming that wi-fi technology might be harmful, which was denounced by some scientists as 'irresponsible'.

As someone who once spent a year reporting for Panorama myself, I know that no BBC programme is more closely scrutinised and, sometimes, fought over. The fact remains some of its most distinguished contributors, including Tom Mangold and John Ware, have left in recent years, and that it has been repeatedly accused of punching below its weight. Mills is not a marginal figure, and the CBS film with which he was collaborating was much firmer in its conclusion that the McCanns had to be innocent.

Last night the BBC hierarchy was closing ranks to resist Mills's arguments. Outside the corporation, they may not be as easily dismissed.

'Your programme verges on the dishonest'

From: David

Sent: 19 November, 2007 12:12

To: 'Sandy Smith'

Subject: credit

Dear Sandy,

As you know, in the end I felt I could not leave either my name or my company credit on the programme.

In part this is because its muddled structure and lack of narrative drive means it is far below the standard of any work that I or my company would wish to be associated with.

In part, too, my decision reflects the programme's intellectual impoverishment. The McCann case poses issues of real importance which Panorama should have examined. That it is instead running a laboured, pedestrian extended news report is shameful.

But the most important reason for my decision is that because the programme is insufficiently analytical; it verges on the dishonest. Our lengthy investigation revealed that there is no meaningful evidence against the McCanns. Our CBS colleagues concluded that it was 'ludicrous' and 'crazy' to think them involved and that ... 'the child was abducted'.

The real question must be how, without any meaningful evidence, the Portuguese police and the media in Portugal and Britain have been able to convince most people that the couple were involved. Yet while the programme drips innuendos against the McCanns, it does not put a single challenging question to anyone in the Portuguese police or to anyone in the media. This is truly astonishing.

David Mills

Tip of the hat: ?

*Transparent in this instance, being far from a compliment.

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Truck News: Major order of 1,000 Mercedes-Benz Actros by Girteka Logistics over in Europe..really major order.

And over in Europe, Mercedes Benz Trucks procures an order for 1,000 Mercedes Benz Actros prime movers. This is Mercedes-Benz Trucks' largest fleet order from Eastern Europe in its history. A framework agreement for the delivery of 1,000 Mercedes-Benz Actros with Euro VI engines has been signed with Girteka Logistics, a Lithuanian logistics company, earlier this month. The agreement will be an important milestone in the partnership between Girteka Logistics and Mercedes-Benz Trucks. The majority of the trucks will be handed over to the logistics specialist within the current year.

According to Mercedes Benz Trucks, the reason Girteka Logistics decided on the Actros based on its operating performance, safety equipment and reliability. They have added Mercedes-Benz Trucks fleet management system - Fleetboard which is a telematics system that collects vehicle data like fuel consumption and driving style as well as vehicle wear-and-tear. FleetBoard supports full transparency of the entire fleet and shows further potential of savings. All ordered Actros units for Girteka Logistics are EURO VI compliant and are equipped with a level floor BigSpace cab, headroom of 199 centimeters and 890 liters of storage space in order to offer its drivers best working conditions and much freedom of movement on longer tours.

Why have I decided to run something from Eastern Europe? A few things. Fleet purchases are a big thing. One company runs as many vehicles as one can as efficiently as possible with data management, driver training and aids as well as a complete vehicle solutions package. One thousand units at a go is a very big thing. 

It also shows that the economy in Europe hasn't been affected by the low price of fuel at all. Note that countries Europe as a whole do not depend on fossil fuel or products that come from the land as their main source of GDP. This is why you get sales like these going on over there.

Largest Fleet Order from Eastern Europe for Mercedes-Benz Trucks in Its History: Major order of 1,000 Mercedes-Benz Actros by Girteka Logistics

  • Lithuanian logistics company orders state-of-the-art tractor units with Euro VI engines
  • Handover of the first trucks at the Mercedes-Benz Woerth plant has started
  • Stefan Buchner, Head of Mercedes-Benz Trucks: “We are proud to win Girteka Logistics as a large customer with the biggest fleet order in Eastern Europe for Mercedes-Benz Trucks in its history. We feel very honored by this trust, and it clearly shows that our flagship model Actros stays ahead of the tough competition.“
Mercedes-Benz Trucks registered the largest fleet order in Eastern Europe in its history: A framework agreement for the delivery of 1,000 Mercedes-Benz Actros with Euro VI engines has been signed with Girteka Logistics, a Lithuanian logistics company, earlier this month. The agreement will be an important milestone in the partnership between Girteka Logistics and Mercedes-Benz Trucks. The majority of the trucks will be handed over to the logistics specialist within the current year.
The Mercedes-Benz Actros is the most efficient vehicle in its class. The average fuel consumption of the truck has been cut by 13 percent since its market launch in 2011. All trucks will be equipped with the newest, further optimized generation of the OM 471 heavy-duty engine and Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC). Compared to the predecessor model, the already low fuel consumption of the diesel engine is further reduced by up to three percent and additionally lowers COemissions. The PPC assistance system recognizes the topography ahead and engages gear changes in order to optimize fuel efficiency. In doing so, PPC lowers fuel consumption by up to five percent.
“We are proud to win Girteka Logistics as a large customer with the biggest fleet order in Eastern Europe for Mercedes-Benz Trucks in its history”, says Stefan Buchner, Head of Mercedes-Benz Trucks. “We feel very honored by this trust, and it clearly shows that our flagship model Actros stays ahead of the tough competition.“
Mindaugas Raila, Chairman of Girteka Logistics: „In the year of our 20th anniversary we decided to modernize our fleet by 1,000 new Mercedes-Benz Actros – an important strategic decision for us. The new Actros convinces by its operating performance, safety equipment and reliability.“
In order to further improve the fuel efficiency of the new trucks Girteka Logistics additionally decided on FleetBoard. The telematics system collects all vehicle data like consumption and break related driving style or vehicle wear-and-tear. FleetBoard supports full transparency of the entire fleet and shows further potential of savings.
Moreover, all ordered tractor units for Girteka Logistics are equipped with a level floor BigSpace cab, headroom of 199 centimeters and 890 liters of storage space in order to offer its drivers best working conditions and much freedom of movement on longer tours.
About the Mercedes-Benz Actros
The Actros was the flagship model in the product range of Mercedes-Benz Trucks since its market launch in 1996, and still is – in the year of its 20th anniversary. Economical, dynamic, versatile and comfortable – with these characteristics the Actros has become the most successful heavy-duty truck in the world. Since 2011, the newest generation of the Actros is assembled in the Mercedes-Benz Woerth plant and was the first heavy truck to meet the Euro VI emission standard. Since then, thanks to the introduction of the new Actros at the Euro VI emissions level, Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) and the new engine generation, average fuel consumption has been cut by 13 percent compared to the time-tested Actros predecessor model. With this, the truck perfectly combines economy and ecology. Mercedes-Benz handed over more than one million Actros over all generations to their customers since launching the first truck in 1996, thereof more than 100.000 vehicles of the current generation.
About Girteka Logistics
Founded in 1996, Girteka Logistics is a major European road carrier with more than 7,100 employees in Europe, Scandinavia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. The fleet consists of 2,900 trucks and 3,100 trailers. Company customers range from local producers to big international companies with major regional distribution centers. Since 2012, Girteka Logistics is a reliable logistics partner for Mercedes-Benz in transporting spare parts in Europe.

Supercar News: Aston Martin DB11 unveiled ahead of its launch at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show

Photos of the upcoming Aston Martin DB11 have found their way to the internet. I do not think these things are leaked just a day or so prior to the car's official launch. It comes from the manufacturer one way or the other as it becomes too much of a coincidence as everyone seems to leak something just before a launch of everything these days.

So this is it. The new DB11. An evolutionary design that still takes after the DB9 and Vanquish. And the V8 Vantage....and even previous models too obviously. It then takes these cars and put a dash of new styling cues from the special for James Bond only DB10 in order to make the DB11 come to life.

 You can see a lot of the DB10 in the way the passenger compartment is shaped. It somehow looks like it sits lower on its rear haunches and has a similar downswept line which flows from the C-pillar downwards. It has a less curled up bootlid compared to the DB10. It does not have the droopy looking nose of the DB10 if viewed from the side. It is more upright and blunt like the ones on the current batch of Astons. The DB10 also has a shorter wheelbase and is also more aggressive looking with a concept car air to it unlike this very production ready vehicle. One styling cue which I have doubts is the chrome looking bit that flows from the A-pillar to the C-pillar. I'd take a body colour option over this.

It is said that it will get a new 5.2liter biturbo V12 engine. Downsized from the 6.0liter V12 currently in use. An estimated 600hp and since its a turbocharged lump, ooodles of torque. 800Nm at least I would guess. More than enough for a secret agent to outrun bad people in a car chase.

Anyway, nice looking. I'd buy it if I had two million Ringgit. 

Ford Unveils the Fiesta ST200 - Hail to the new Junior Hot Hatch King....

 Ford Motor Company has unveiled the Fiesta ST that we've always wanted - the one with more power than the current 180hp/240Nm. I loved the car when I drove it but that car had a chassis that was dying for an engine that had more power. Let's call the old one the ST180 and the new one, as what Ford calls it,  the ST200 (obviously).

So the Ford Fiesta ST200 addresses the shortfall in power of the earlier car. The chassis was set up so sweetly that it could dance around roundabouts, bends, turns and corners like a ballerina. But as great as that chassis was you could feel that Ford held back a little. The car was merely fast at 7 secs flat in the 0-100kmh dash. The power delivery from the 1.6liter Ecoboost was flat and linear, with not much of a rush felt even at the end of it. It may actually a car with nearly the right amount of everything in terms of performance and handling but when I drove the 208GTI that car felt fast and all exciting. I think the ST180 had a marvellous chassis that needed power in order to give me that added rush that we can also find in terms of outright acceleration and speed. 

The new Fiesta ST200 with its uprated 1.6liter Ecoboost that haas 200hp and 288Nm torque should do just that. It would enable it to trounce its rivals in not only the handling aspect but now the performance figures too. 0-100kmh in 6.7seconds and a top speed of about 230kmh. The 0-100kmh time trumps the 208GTI by an all important 0.1second.

The interior looks the same with those grippy and wonderful looking Recaro front seats and the same futuristic dashboard. I think the interior is very good to look at but softer plastics to touch would make it better. I cannot tell from the photos. And it needs a proper infotainment unit with a larger screen than that 5inch and a bit more tiny thing in the center of the dash. Maybe next time Ford will give us that. 

The exterior gets wheels that  look almost the same but with a different colour. Every other bit looks the same. If they are not. Who cares. Ford has probably fixed this car with what actually matters. Extra power and torque. It needed more torque and power which it now has. 

Hail to the new junior hot hatch king.

The photos were unveiled prior to its launch at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show and sales over in Europe start in June 2016. I do hope Ford Malaysia brings in a batch for hot hatch enthusiasts to savour.

Click here for my review of the Ford Fiesta ST 180hp (June 2015)

Click here for the list of the Top Five Junior Hot Hatches on Sale in Malaysia (circa 2015)


Upon finishing a book impacting you profoundly, more times than not, you feel an urgent need to talk with someone else who has read the book.  At the very least you have to express your feelings as soon as possible.  Seventeen days ago I finished the new novel Pax (Balzar + Bray, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, February 2, 2016) written by Sara Pennypacker with cover and interior illustrations by Caldecott Medalist, Jon Klassen.  Overcome with the effects of this book, I sent out this tweet.

Thoughts, questions and emotions swirled around in my head.  I reached out to an author friend, Victoria J. Coe ( Fenway and Hattie G. P. Putnam's Sons, an imprint of Penguin Random House, February 9, 2016) in the form of email conversations.  She gave me invaluable insights from an author's perspective.

It became abundantly clear a reread of the book was absolutely necessary.  Yesterday I read Pax again, marking specific portions of text and taking written notes for each chapter.  Without hesitation it can be said this book will remain in your mind and heart always for reasons each reader brings with them before they read a single word.

The fox felt the car slow before the boy did, as he felt everything first.  Through the pads of his paws, along his spine, in the sensitive whiskers at his wrists.  

These are the first two sentences of many filling the two hundred seventy-six pages following a singular journey taken by the fox, Pax, and his boy, Peter. Beginning with Pax and concluding with Peter we mark the days through their voices in alternating chapters.  When the car finally stops, their lives, as they both understand them, will change.  So will they.

Five years ago shortly after his mother died in an automobile accident Peter found the fox kit, orphaned and alone; barely alive among his deceased siblings.  Now at twelve years old Peter has been ordered by his father to abandon the fox in the wild.  Peter has to go live with his grandfather.  War is coming to their portion of the country and his father has enlisted.

Peter gets Pax to leave them by playing a game of fetch with a toy soldier.  In this game, Pax gets the soldier and waits for Peter to come to him.  This time Pax waits and Peter does not come.  Pax hears the doors slam shut and the car speed away.

Realizing deep in his being the mistake he made in leaving Pax, Peter does not spend the first night sleeping at his grandfather's home.  He is determined to cross the three hundred miles back to the place where Pax was left.  After filling his backpack with essential items he leaves that night.

Amidst the preparations for war, evacuations and the growing number of troops in encampments, Peter travels toward Pax as the fox waits for his return.  Neither of them is prepared for the events they will endure and the people and the animals they will encounter.  They will each do what needs to be done to survive, knowing they must be together.

Readers are introduced to Vola, a war veteran with a prosthetic leg, living alone in the country.  Through an accident she and Peter establish a bond which heals and helps them both physically and emotionally.  A young vixen, Bristle, her younger brother, Runt and an older fox, Gray, develop a relationship which initially seems unlikely given their histories.

The sense of urgency felt in the first chapter never leaves as the pace continues to quicken and the suspense grows chapter by chapter.  Days of separation between the fox and his boy turn into one week and then two.  Exquisitely woven into their stories are themes of generational parental anger, grief, the definition of family, the art of comprise, forgiveness, what is done for the sake of love and the effects of war (before, during and after) on everyone and everything.  The conclusion will stun you.  You will continue to have questions.  You will come to understand you have read perfection.

For anyone, at any age, who has felt the unbreakable tie with an animal, the first chapter written by Sara Pennypacker will, I believe, cause them to pause.  It will grip you and hold fast.  Then you will take huge gulps of the story at a time compelled by defining episodes from the past blended into the present narrative.

Pennypacker's writing is explicit and elegant.  Our minds are held to the exact place, time, emotions and movements of the characters.  Portrayals of Pax's days are true to life, supported by research and the counsel of a biologist and wildlife tracker specializing in the red fox.  The conversations between Peter and his grandfather, father and Vola are realistically heartrending and heartwarming.  Personally after reading the thoughts of Pax and Peter I found myself cheering for them, wanting to embrace them for their courage and loyalty.  Here are some sample passages.

When his paws were cleaned, he curled them up under his chest to wait.  The morning air pulsed with the noises of spring.  The long night before, they had alarmed Pax.  The blackness had quivered with the rustle of night prowlers, and even the sounds of the trees themselves---leaves unfurling, sap coursing up new wood, the tiny cracklings of expanding bark---had startled him over and over as he waited for Peter to return.

Pax had been born with the same instinct as well, but distrust is no match for kindness administered consistently and unmeasured, especially in creatures new to the world.

"I have more than everything I need." Vola sat. "I have peace here.
"Because it's so quiet?"
"No.  Because I am exactly where I should be, doing exactly what I should be doing.  That is peace.  Eat."

At that, Peter felt suddenly exhausted, as if he'd been holding himself rigid for years.  He had been on his own for so long.
Vola studied him.  "Oneness is always growing in the world, boy.  Two but not two.  It's always there, connecting its roots, humming.  I can't be a part of it---that's the price I pay for taking myself away.  But you can be.  You can vibrate with its heartbeat.  You may be on your own.  But you won't be alone.

The richness of the limited color palette selected by artist Jon Klassen for the dust jacket is earthy and warm like the smell of fur kissed by the sun. (I am seriously thinking of buying another copy just so I can frame the entire image revealed when opening the jacket.)  Underneath the book case is a deep forest green with embossed grasses, flowers, Peter and Pax.  The boy is running from the back, left, to the fox on the front that is leaping to him.  Only Pax and the text are filled with copper-colored foil.  

Within the body of the book Klassen has meticulously placed eloquent black and white images; some single pages, others smaller insets and two spanning double pages.  These illustrations illuminate particular and integral portions of the story.  Each of the chapter numbers is placed inside either a small black picture of the head of Pax or Peter.  One of my favorite illustrations is of Pax and Runt curled together in sleep.  There is another I love but...

Pax written by Sara Pennypacker with illustrations by Jon Klassen is one of those novels you read that will leave a mark on your memory.  Years later you will not forget how you felt when you finished it, even if you don't recall all the details.  You will remember that this book made you think, ask questions and deeply care for the characters. will read it more than once.

If you desire to learn more about Sara Pennypacker and Jon Klassen please follow the links attached to their names to access their website (Tumblr) pages.  At the publisher's website you can read an excerpt from the book.  A website dedicated to the book has been created.  Here is a link to a discussion guide perfect for group readings or individuals who wish to expand their thinking.  There have been numerous interviews with Sara Pennypacker about Pax; Publishers Weekly Cover Reveal: Pax, Publishers Weekly Pennypacker Supports New Novel at Fall Regionals,  NPR All Things Considered  Left To Fend For Himself, 'Pax' The Fox Must Find His Human Friend, and School Library Journal War Through a Child's---and a Fox's---Eyes:  Sara Pennypacker on Her New Novel, Pax|Under the Covers.  

UPDATE:  Jon Klassen stopped at Brightly: Portraying Pax in Pencil: A Q & A with Illustrator Jon Klassento talk about creating the artwork for Pax.