An English lesson: The meaning of 'Grand'....but when it comes to cars....

The Suzuki GRAND Vitara....

Recent test results of the ASEAN NCAP has got me thinking. Not about the results but about cars that use the word 'GRAND' in their name.

magnificent and imposing in appearance, size, or style.

"a grand country house"
synonyms: magnificent, imposing, impressive, awe-inspiring, splendid, resplendent, majestic, monumental; More
denoting the largest or most important item of its kind.
"the grand entrance"
synonyms: main, principal, central, prime;

BUT....note when it comes to cars, It actually is the second meaning, denoting the largest or most important item of its kind. I mean, honestly, is a Suzuki Grand Vitara, Nissan Grand Livina, Ford Grand Max or a Hyundai Grand Starex magnificent in stature? 

The Grand Vitara came about because Suzuki launched a second generation Vitara which was larger than the previous one. But when the third generation one arrived, they still kept using the 'Grand Vitara' badging. Maybe should should have been called Suzuki Grander Vitara. 

Grand Starex...really huge and imposing.

The Hyundai Grand Starex has a similar story to the Vitara. This was the second generation Starex and it was larger all round and had a stronger engine too. And if one came barreling down the North-South highway at around 150kmh, you'd actually feel its grandeur. They really can cruise that fast without an issue. Maybe in this case the word Grand makes sense.

The Grand Livina....being crash tested.

The Nissan Livina has a simpler story. The Nissan Livina is a 5 seat version The Grand Livina is grander as it is longer and can seat seven. It is therefore grand in terms of seats compared to the not so grand Livina. The story is the same with the Ford Grand Max, which is a longer version of the C-Max.

Are the cars magnificent, impressive, awe-inspiring, splendid, resplendent, majestic, monumental? Hard to say as they look like vans, people carriers, mini SUVs and MPVs.

If it were a BMW Gran Coupe then it truly is a magnificent looking car. But that is spelt without the letter 'D' at the end so it does not really count. 

So do be wary when manufacturers throw around grand words...especially the word 'Grand'. You may actually be buying something normal, but larger. Like a regular pepperoni pizza into a large one. The pepperoni pizza does not turn into something laced with truffles, saffron and expensive seafood. It just goes larger in size.

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