Spotted For Sale: 2001 Nissan Cefiro 3.0 Auto A32 - VIP dirt cheap...road tax is the only issue

The thing about large capacity cars in Malaysia is the road tax. The annual cost of road tax climbs steeply after 2,000cc (RM380 at 2,000cc) with another jump after 3,000cc (3000cc costs around RM2,130) which actually makes 3.2liter car's road tax cost RM3,030. So cars that are over the 2.5liter barrier are usually shunned unless they are collectible sports cars. Even so, if you can spare about RM2,100 worth of road tax per annum, you can start playing with entry level big bruisers and cruisers like this dirt cheap 2001 Nissan Cefiro 3.0 Brougham here.

For the RM8,800 asking price you get an A32 Cefiro 3.0 Automatic with a massive VIP style bodykit (needs some touchup to the front spoiler though). It comes with smallish 17inch wheels but if you can spare the cash, a set of 18inch wheels and tyres would make the car look its part. The cloth interior (surprising that this 3.0liter did not come with leather but should be better as a 2001 car with leather seats would have leather that has most probably cracked) and the dashboard look clean too so this would be a nice place to sit in.

The reason why this car is cheap is the road tax. RM2,100 for that 3.0liter Nissan V6 VQ30DE engine. But this engine actually won a few awards for best engine in its class. It is a smooth and refined engine which comes in various sizes - 2.0 to 4.0liters and this 3.0 sits in the middle of it. Since its a Nissan timing chain equipped engine it should be reliable and long lasting. It stock form it should have made about 192hp with a nice 290Nm torque (approximate figures). In Malaysia, you would only find this engine in the Cefiro A32 and the newer A33 models. Nissan's distributor here in Malaysia sold the A32 here until 2002 if I am not mistaken. This was long after it was stopped everywhere else (The A32 was officially produced from 1994 - 1999). Blame it on the CKD kits that were agreed on I suppose. Because of that we also got the new A32 models much later than everyone else. In fact, when everyone stopped making the N16 Sunny/ Sentra in 2006 (official production 2000-2006), we could still get it till 2014. 

So you can buy this big cruiser. It is really quiet and refined. Not very economical due to Nissan pairing this good engine to an ancient 4 speed automatic. For something with over 290Nm torque it could do 0-100kmh in about 6.6seconds if it had an automatic. This would give a lot of small GTI drivers a big shock but fat chance of that happening with the automatic. You could do the 100kmh dash in about 8.5seconds if you're lucky. 

But if you hit a corner, you'd be all over the place as this was the Cefiro made after the sporty and stiff sprung A31 rear wheel drive Cefiro (the one everyone likes to drift around with). This A32 had front wheel drive and a soft setup. This is meant for middle managers who want peace and quiet. They want to reach their office in comfort and if chauffeur driven, could put on some jammies and sleep soundly at the rear. 

But who's to say you cannot have fun in a barge? It's a cheap barge these days. Good for a laugh. A very comfortable laugh. And yes, Japanese VIP style on the cheap with that large V6 purring or burbling if you put in a more open exhaust system (can't get that with a normal four cylinder).  Road tax is the only issue. Insurance? Just insure it for the minimum. 

Original advert on mudah here while it lasts or down below:

Seller Says
 ## Welcome View / Test The Car ##
$$$ 2016 Special Offer Promotion $$$

* Nissan Cefiro 3.0 Auto Brougham VIP
* 3.0 DOHC V6 Powerful Smooth Engine
* New Facelift !! New Model !! Advanced 
* Special Edition Model ( Full Spec )
* Nice Nissan Cefiro Brougham In Town 
* Original Tan Chong Factory Fitter 
* Original New Paint Pearl White
* Original Full Carbon Fiber Interior
* 17'Inch Honda Civic Sports Rims
* Comform Sports Suspension
* CD Player & Good Sound System
* Powerful Sports Wish Sedan
* RM8800...Must View....

* Ivan : Show contact number
* Tommy : Show contact number

* 1 Careful Owner Only
* Comfirm 100% Accident Free
* Owner Upgrade Nissan Teana 2.5
* Tip-Top Original Condition
* Keep Well By Owner MUGEN RR
* Clean Interior,Non smoker
* Engine Part OK Passat CC
* Tranmission Gear Box OK
* Suspension all Running Good


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