I lived in Orlando, Florida for over ten years after getting out of the military, where I served two terms honorably in the US Army, one as an Enlisted and one as an Officer. My first tour was in Germany where I met my wife.  We returned to the states and I went into ROTC at the University of Colorado where I received my commission as a 2nd Lieutenant.

I went to Airborne and Ranger school after my graduation from the University of Denver. Got assigned to Ft Devens, MA where my assignments ranged from Admin and Finance Manager to Platoon Leader and Assistant Adjutant General for 10th Special Forces. Served two years in Special Forces before deciding to get out.  Killing people for a living was not my cup of tea.  

I made Captain and decided to start my own business, which I did  a very successful business.  With over seven stores in and around Disney World, it grossed over a million dollars a year at one point. I guess we all come to a point in life where we realize money ain’t everything and I was not very happy, so I sold the business and went in the ministry for a couple of years in Orlando.

This black gal invited me to her church, Faith World located in Apopka, FL at the time.  I told her 'No way!', but she eventually got me to go.  I was shocked!  I went to this church filled with great music and told her 'This can’t be church!  Church is boring and not fun!'  I even shocked myself.  Never think I would go back into a church.  My mother was a  born again Christian.  

Well, it happened to me, too!  Got saved and gave my heart to the Lord.  Got baptized and served in the Faith World Choir for two years, which I loved.  Even went to Judah Bible College for a year.  While there, got to sing with the Gaithers. I even considered going in the ministry full time until several things happened.

The red flags started going off after two years and watching all these prosperity preachers come through the place driving their Mercedes, Beemers and Lexuses throwing around tens of thousands of dollars at a time and laying the guilt trip on all of us to give, give, give if we want to be blessed. Being a new and innocent  and trusting Christian, I went along with this for two years, tithing religiously, even money I did not have and even this was not enough for these people. I’ve never had a problem making money in this world but, after getting involved with this stuff, the only people I saw prospering were these faith preachers living in their million dollar homes and mansions.

Then they started breaking into my house and my car, started having things go missing, things being rearranged in my home. I knew things then were very strange.  Just started having a lot of weird and strange experiences. It was at this point I decided to leave Florida and return to Colorado, my home, after being gone for many years. Never realizing just what a nightmare I involved myself in with this church, I now realize they are involved in Monarch Mind Control and are in bed with the CIA.   (The CIA was invading his home, taking things and rearranging - messing with his mind.)

I have since learned the CIA is very involved in many of these charismatic ministries.  Ministries like ORU was and is deeply involved in Monarch Mind Control.  The CIA has a rampant Monarch program there, along with people like Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyers, TD Jakes, Paula and Randy White, all people deeply involved with my church.

We had two of TD Jakes preachers on our staff - Sheryl Brady and her husband who raked in big bucks for Clint Brown, our pastor.  They would throw checks for $10,000 on the altar to get us all to cough up even more money.  Looking back I can see what a racket this is, and what they are doing is robbing God's people who are just trying to please God, not knowing they are dealing with wolves in sheep's clothing.

This Brown was and is involved in many money fraud and money scandals.  Even his wife divorced him.   I think they wanted me in their corrupt ministry. I did not go in the ministry for money, and I certainly would not steal it from God’s people.  This prosperity preaching is criminal. God can use even a corrupt preacher to do his work.

Anyways, it was predominantly a black ministry and while in Florida I came to see how oppressed black people were, so God put it on my heart to write Colin Powell and suggest he run for President.  Don’t know why I did - I just did.

He wrote me back a personal note.  I showed it to my Pastor, Clint Brown, since it talked about Youth at Risk, and we had a kids ministry. Well, it turns out he was friends with George Bush’s Pastor - James Robison in Texas, and I believe that is how we got a black president. TD Jakes (Dallas, Texas) gave the inaugural service for Obama.

It was after writing that letter to Colin Powell that all this stuff started happening.  That man is pure evil in my opinion, and is behind much of the stuff we see today - him and the Bushes.

From Chemtrails to Mind Control to Directed Energy Weapons, you can thank him for that. His son, Michael Powell, helped destroy the media in this country, but that’s all part of the CIA plan to control everything we see and think. Powell lives in McClean, VA.  The only other thing in McClean, VA is the CIA and Dick Cheney.

Anyways, I started writing about some of this stuff on the web and that is when I became a targeted individual. I guess if you know too much in this country your life will be ruined, but I believe in reality I had already been targeted in Florida when all these strange things started happening to me. Back then I did not know anything about any of this stuff and since I have learned what our country really is all about and Christian it is anything but.

I have seen the real side of America and you better really pray America. These people are EVIL.  This Illuminati NWO is REAL.  Just look around you and see all the crap going on. They are in bed with the devil, not God.

This Clint Brown works for Obama now.  They have offered me jobs.  The CIA even tried to recruit me. I just regret ever getting involved with any of this.  Like they say 'No good deed goes unpunished'.

This Agenda 21 is REAL.  They want to Mind Control EVERYONE now and are doing it with their Chemtrails and Nanotechnology.  The targeting has only gotten ten times worse for me.  I’ve decided to use the rest of my life EXPOSING these heinous crimes against humanity.  That is my ministry now. We are ALL TARGETED NOW. You better wake up.    

Also, while in Florida I had ear implants put in me at a VA hospital in Tampa.  It was after this that I started having all this happen to me as well. There is a lot of shit going on in Tampa. The resident surgeon was visibly shaking going into surgery.  Someone told me he knew he was getting ready to implant me. I had horrific complications from this surgery and almost died. The bastards could have implanted me.  That was right after I wrote Colin Powell that letter.  He is behind a lot of this Mind Control in this country.
When I went back to Colorado, Columbine happened and guess who showed up?!  Yep - Colin Powell, Mr. Satanist himself.  

They don’t need implants now with these chemtrails if you read my post. The CIA tried to recruit me.  You will see George Tenet now runs a company that specializes in Biotelemetry.  They can track anyone anywhere now. 

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