This is an 'alert' sent to us by a reader for posting.  Already the timeline has changed - announcements were NOT done tonight as was reported to be done on July 4th - as the Chinese reportedly wanted announcements on the 4th as part of America's celebration - and then cancelled it .... nothing .... now being reported announcements will be Tuesday evening??????? Delays - always delays and questions about WHY?

WOW///OMG From David: 
Date: July 3, 2016 at 7:34 PM

This is a must listen to if you want to be 
smarter than a gur-fool at exchange time!!!!

Link is below ...........
above 'Victory to the Light'

To All:

OK, if anyone still doubts that the RV is real, then listen to this call with Sheldon Levert. HOWEVER, listen carefully to what and who he is  sending us to for advice after the RV.  BE VERY CAREFUL who you pick for advice.  

AND, Drop Box is often corrupted with viruses.

But, most of the procedural steps for this RV process is likely correct.  

Apparently, this call was recorded this Last Saturday.  
Per my sources, we can look for the 800#'s tonight or Tuesday AM.

This is a MUST LISTEN. This gentleman is a Banker, Lawyer and on the RV Committee and has been involved in the RV for 7 Years.  

This guy is a well-educated professor teaching international finance out of the Cleveland, OH area. He's been very involved in bringing about the RV.

- Major Sequences
- 4 step tier procedure
- Overview of all Stations
- Questions and answers

"Victory to the Light "
I recommend that you download and listen to this file. Share it with your friends and family that are exchanging. It's packed with good suggestions! In fact, he says, "In working with the RV Committee ".....  you can't argue with his credentials. 

Download this! It's a MUST LISTEN.

Good Luck and God Bless You....​ 
Popeye and Olive Oyl.....

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