China Makes Major Changes To Its Laws To Squash Islam.
'Break Our Laws And Face Public Execution.'


"China is declaring an all-out war to make sure Islam doesn’t take over, and never gains the strength to attack them.

Here are China’s directives:

Female head-coverings completely banned,

threats of deportation exist if they refuse to comply.

No citizenship privileges granted to Muslims

and very strict immigration laws are in place,

every Muslim residing in China, even Muslim visitors are closely monitored.

No Mosques allowed to be built and strictly no

praying on public streets or anywhere in public.

Any Muslim caught hate-preaching in public or

trying to poison the minds of the young will be

deported immediately, that is if they are lucky

to escape the death penalty or life in prison.

Muslim men are forbidden from growing long beards, the Chinese feel it is too intimidating.

Islamic restaurants must sell cigarettes and alcohol and they must display them prominently for all patrons to visibly see.

-- Stricktly no sale of any Halal meats at all,

-- They must display a highly visible sign in their window, "Pork Available If Requested,"

Any business owner who does not follow this order…will lose their business registration and be closed down.

Any Muslims who commit any serious crimes like terrorist activity, murder or rape and the culprit faces execution by hanging or thrown in prison and never seen again.

27 Muslim male and females were executed by hanging in 2014-2015 for suspected terrorism while dozens are in prison awaiting their fate.

In China you are guilty until proven innocent, not innocent until proved guilty as practiced in civilized Christian countries.

Chinese Lawyers are forbidden by the Government to defend a Muslim in a court of law because of their Islam belief which is not recognized in China, they must represent themselves. Chinese Judges are known for their despite of Muslims and are very cold hearted and biased, very similar to how Indonesian Muslim Judges treated the Australian girl Shappelle Corby over her drug charges.

2,127 Muslims left China in 2015 and returned home because of its very tough anti-Muslim laws and China completely ignores the anger of the United Nations Refugee Council.

China sees what’s happening to the West. It sees what has happened throughout Western European, in France - Belgium - Holland - Sweden - Norway - Denmark - the USA and Britain. And now the million Muslims who have

stormed into Germany dragging their economy down to its knees that is predicted to send the country spiralling into bankruptcy.

The Chinese Government will not tolerate Islam or their hideous Sharia law.

China has decided to eradicate the plague before it can gain a strong foot-hold and turn their country into another Western Europe.

Unlike inept USA government, with it’s Muslim sympathizers - the foremost being our current totally failed President Obama and his administration - China understands the violent reality behind Islam and is prepared to stamp it out even if it means deporting every single Muslim.

Communism is a horrible form of government, but it also unshackles China from tolerating the idiotic delusions of those who continue to preach that Islam is a “religion of Peace.” There is nothing about peace written in the Koran it is all based on hatred and killings simply because Mohammed was a mass murderer and a rapist of women and children.

Britain/Canada and Australia should take heed before Islam becomes too overpopulated because that is their objective.

If Britain doesn't get tough on their Muslims and begin a huge deportation program including the thousands of violent Muslim prison inmates imprisoned at the taxpayers expense for committing hideous crimes, it is has been predicted by the experts that the British public can expectto have a Muslim Prime Minister in place by the year 2050.

Britain desperately needs another courageous Winston Churchill as their Prime Minister to lead them out of their political wilderness."
This is what “tolerance” will get you: Everywhere Islam has been welcomed by a free people, it has grown from a quiet snake in the grass, into uncontrollable poison.

Muslims are capable of killing even their own people without a care in the world.

Isn't it ironic that an ex  Communist country, sees what free nations don't: that, ultimately, Islam always turns nasty?"

Really good!!! Happy Fourth! We should follow China on this to be able to keep having Happy Fourths!

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