Crisis Actors Never Die

Crisis Actors Never Die: Man Who Died in 3 “Terror Attacks” Alive and Well

Sunday, July 10, 2016 8:17

We have been being bombarded with false flags, police brutality, shootings, racial tensions, and ongoing political corruption.
With all  of this fakery, the 'Elite’s' agenda has spawned mass civil unrest and strife among the people.

To add to this Pandora’s Box of a nightmare, information has come to light in regard to another one of the "victims” of these tragedies.
A man who has become known as  ‘Alfonso’ has been reported dead in three separate terror related events by mainstream media and social media, yet the man in question is reportedly alive and well.

3 Tragedies in a Year

These new revelations concerning the man known only as Alfonso were first reported by the international news agency France 24.
Alfonso was said to have died in the EgyptAir crash, the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting and Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport from a combination of reports and posts that are now believed to be untrue.

This story comes after all three terror related incidents presented a number of questions that have still gone unanswered by officials.
21Wire has reported the thread of these highly suspicious events that can be read here, here and here, with an  in-depth analysis revealing a host of anomalies in the aftermath of each event.

Also contained within the France 24 report, it states that Alfonso was apparently caught up in an alleged revenge social media prank after he reportedly owed money to deceptive pranksters (said to be friends) believed to have plotted a scheme that was later dispensed by larger media outlets. Daily Mail also reported about the major discrepancies after France 24‘s revealing report:

“He died in the EgyptAir crash. Then again during the Orlando shooting.  And last week ‘Alfonso’ from Mexico was tragically killed a third time in the bombing at Atatürk Airport in Istanbul.
At least, that’s what you might be led to believe if you followed news reports and social media scuttlebutt about these high-profile tragedies.  But the truth is, the man identified as a victim in all three attacks is still alive – and the victim of a ongoing revenge prank by former friends who say he owes them money, France24 reported.”

Was this truly some sort of revenge prank as claimed by media and social media personalities, or is there something more sinister at play here?

‘Meet ‘Alfonso’ from Mexico?

Images of the man pictured above made the rounds on major media outlets and social media posts immediately after the EgyptAir crash, the Orlando Pulse shooting attack and the again after the heavily coordinated attack in Istanbul. 

In the aftermath of the May 19th crash of EgyptAir flight MS804, an image of Alfonso was used in a BBC report just one day after the reported crash – yet curiously, in the report entitled “EgyptAir crash: The internet fakes and rumors,” the Alfonso-story was already being touted as fake by the major news outlet.

Here’s a passage revealing the person known as Alfonso as reported by the BBC:

“When news of the missing EgyptAir flight emerged on Thursday morning people began sharing details of the unfolding story – but not everything was genuine.”  “A Twitter user called “Perro” posted a photo purporting to be of his brother Alfonso, prompting several retweets from fellow users.”

The report continues by stating that Alfonso’s image had already been used prior to the May 19th crash:

“But a Google reverse image search showed that the photograph had been used before online, and had been linked to a series of different Twitter handles.”

The BBC wasn’t able to confirm where Alfonso’s image first appeared, but they did state the following:

“It is unclear exactly where the photo is from and who the man pictured is, but it has been circulating online since December 2015, sometimes in reference to a dispute at a shopping center in Mexico.”

A Twitter handle known Perro al–Baghdadi, (referencing the purported ISIS terror leader) appears to be purposefully misdirecting the public with distorted propaganda and very likely is a sock-puppet profile.

Here’s a strange post that illustrates the false nature of this account.

The Media Buys and Sells False Claims and Propaganda.
To add to this already strange tale, Alfonso’s picture still appeared in a NY Times video allegedly displaying images of some of the Orlando shooting victims on the very same day that the Pulse nightclub shooting occurred.

The image below is reporting Alfonso as an alleged victim of the Orlando nightclub shooting.

Pushed Media Propaganda: An Orlando shooting video published in a June 12th report, the same day as the reported shooting.  (Image Source

After the France 24′s report about the Alfonso discrepancy, the NY Times hastily removed the man’s image previously featured at the 2:24 minute mark during their video report:

(Screen Capture of a NY Times video report)

Below is another another hoax social media image in the aftermath of the Istanbul attack – who really started the Alfonso meme?

The Alfonso story also appears to have also piggybacked another story that questioned the validity of an alleged survivor from the Orlando shooting in another media report that was outlined by 21WIRE:

Orlando’s Staged Elements & False Claims

Recently at 21WIRE, they discussed much of the corporate media’s theatrical depiction of the Orlando shooting and the widespread characterization of the event, which has been reduced to two categories – that of a “lone gunman” and a saddened community centered on the sociopolitical ramifications of the incident, rather than an in-depth forensic analysis of the alleged crime itself.

In addition, they also outlined some of the various Hollywood and media connections observed in the aftermath of the apparent Orlando shooting attack, as it was revealed that the world’s largest security firm G4S, who had employed the man named in the Orlando pulse nightclub shooting, Omar Mateen – is also client of the mass casualty and crisis actor staging company called CrisisCast.

If all of these shenanigans aren’t enough we are now being fed that the alleged Pulse nightclub ‘survivor’ Clint Lampkin’s account of the shooting has now been called into question by the media.

The video below is from the Wochit news reviewing the inconsistencies found by the CBS-affiliated television station WHNT-TV…

Did Someone Lie About Being in Pulse During Massacre?
One has to wonder why the 'elite' and those responsible for coordinating these events don’t get fresh faces for each event? 
Is it they just don’t care if we figure out these are staged attacks?
Laziness? Stupidity?

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