Poll: Bikers for Trump to patrol Cleveland

POLL: Do you support the ‘Bikers for Trump’ as they         roll in to Cleveland?

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Bikers For Trump To Patrol Cleveland 
During Republican National Convention
Do you support the 'Bikers for Trump' 
as they roll in to Cleveland?
Founder of the group explains to Judge Jeanine why the bikers support Donald Trump.

As Donald Trump arrives in Cleveland by private jet, thousands of supporters are riding into town on their bikes to celebrate his nomination.  They’ll arrive under the banner of “Bikers for Trump,” a loose confederation of motorcycle enthusiasts drawn from distinct but politically congruent factions like the “Patriot Guard Riders” and “Defenders of Liberty.”

For the next four days, the group will roam the streets here crowing over Trump’s hostile takeover of the traditionally blue-blazered GOP and projecting high-octane support for the city’s aggregated police force.

“We’re anticipating a victory dance,” organizer Chris Cox told CNN. “But it sounds like there’s a lot of agitators and a lot of troublemakers coming to town. What happens remains to be seen, but you can definitely count on the ‘Bikers for Trump’ standing with the police department in the event they need it.”

Bikers for Trump to patrol Cleveland
during GOP convention


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