Supreme Court Ruling Puts Christians Rights in Jeopardy...

Supreme Court Ruling Puts Christians Rights in Jeopardy...

American Liberty Report

Hello ALL,

With the sudden death of Justice Anthony Scalia, the conservative majority of the Supreme Court has been put in jeopardy. Obama is working like mad to replace him with a liberal leaning mouthpiece that will further erode conservative's rights.

Don't believe me that things will be that bad?

Just take a look at what the Supreme Court did to Christian business owner's rights to sell abortion contraception this week. Its sickening.

~American Liberty Report

Silicon Valley's Biggest CEO Just Shocked Everyone...

Mark Zuckerberg recently made a surprise visit to a low-key tech conference full of 1,500 ordinary developers and programmers.

But he had a huge announcement to make... You see, in early 2016 - about a week from now - a groundbreaking new technology is expected to be released for commercial sales. And Zuckerberg said it's "the next great tech... that's going to define the future."

According to analysts, the market for this type of technology is "expected to grow by over 13,000% in the next 3 years."

Zuckerberg invested $2.1 billion in it himself.

Projections show that this new technology will soon be in 64% of households in America.

And it will utterly change the human race.

To see what the most influential tech companies are so excited about, click here.

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