The Cloning Elite

The Cloning Elite

Donald Marshall
May 18, 2016
This is so shocking I almost did not upload it, but this news about what our 'elite' and government officials are really doing is so awful that anyone with the courage to put forth the truth should do so, since ALL news is CLEARLY lying to us (DO NOT WATCH TELEVISION!) and we would never know if it were not for video uploads like this. 

Whistle blower Donald Marshall bravely came out and told the world what he experienced at the risk of his own life at any moment since they still have his clone and can torture it (and thus him) at any time, or give him a heart attack or aneurism. This satanic reptilian cloning club has existed for a long time, and many rich 'elites' and probably all hybrid reptilians are part of it. They use clones of people for evil abusive sex and murder, and anyone invited to the club gets killed if they try to leave or tell anyone.  

Donald says they showed him these reptilians called type 1 Vril, about a foot and a half tall and has this snake that comes out of its head and goes into the eye of a person, and totally takes them over, just like The Body Snatchers, but it's real.  
Realize this has the possibility of being a controlled leak, and there could be disinformation which even Donald does not know was implanted, but likely at least some elements are true. This is the most shocking revelation since the Arizona Wilder interview, and interesting they both involve Queen Elizabeth a central figure.


Original Full Interview:

The Cloning Elite

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