Windows 10 tracks EVERYTHING you do and YOU can't stop it

MICROSOFT has admitted that Windows 10 users are powerless to stop the operating systems' controversial data collection.

Users are unable to turn off all of the data collection baked into Windows 10 
Users are unable to turn off all of the data collection baked into Windows 10
Following the news Windows 10 will be installing itself on computers across the globe, it's worth paying close attention to this latest statement Microsoft Corporate Vice President Joe Belfiore.

Speaking about the controversial keylogger included during installations of Windows 10, the Microsoft Vice President has admitted that users are powerless to stop the US firm's data collection.

Despite offering a number of options to disable elements of tracking, core data collection in Windows 10 cannot be stopped, he revealed in an interview with PC World.

"In the cases where we’ve not provided options, we feel that those things have to do with the health of the system," he said.
"In the case of knowing that our system that we’ve created is crashing, or is having serious performance problems, we view that as so helpful to the ecosystem and so not an issue of personal privacy, that today we collect that data so that we make that experience better for everyone."

The interview confirms a level of mandatory data collection within Windows 10 many had dismissed as the ramblings of conspiracy theorists.

It was previously thought Microsoft would only include the background keylogger – which tracks every word you type – within its Technical Preview versions of the operating system.
Microsoft Corporate Vice President Joe Belfiore admitted users are powerless to stop the data collectionGETTY
Microsoft Corporate VP Joe Belfiore admitted users are powerless to stop the data collection 
Tracking the keystrokes of Windows Insiders  using the pre-release Technical Preview would allow the US firm to use the vast data to tweak and improve the final release.

However the slightly creepy software is now included as standard in the commercial version of Windows 10. And it cannot be turned off, the new revelation has confirmed.

Microsoft has waited some four months since the release of Windows 10 to come clean about the core data collection processes working in the background of the operating system.

This also marks the first time the Redmond firm has acknowledges that switching off all user accessible options does not stop all of Microsoft's tracking.

Mr Belfiore added: "We’re going to continue to listen to what the broad public says about these decisions, and ultimately our goal is to balance the right thing happening for the most people – really, for everyone – with complexity that comes with putting in a whole lot of control."

Windows 10 Home, installed with default settings, has the ability to send your hardware details and any subsequent changes you make to Microsoft, log your internet browser history, keystrokes, Cortana questions and requests, display advertisements within your Start Menu and even control your bandwidth usage.
Even if you can't disable everything, Microsoft does allow you to control some of its data collection policies by navigating to Start > Settings > Privacy.
Despite the controversy surrounding its data collection policies, Microsoft aims to have Windows 10 running one a billion devices within two years of its launch.
The US technology firm recently announced the final date PC manufacturers will be able to sell new computers running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.
However Microsoft has had a number of issues with Windows 10 since its release earlier this summer.
Microsoft records every tap on the keyboard in Windows 10 - to improve the product in later updatesGETTY
Microsoft records every tap on the keyboard in Windows 10 - to improve the product in later updates
Users have reported frustratingly slow boot-up speedstrouble with wifi connectionsprivacy concerns and issues with child safety features following the jump to Windows 10.

Windows 10 is currently a free operating system upgrade to customers running genuine versions of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.
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