Obama 'fund raising' for Hillary Clinton?

Fund raising?  For Hillary Clinton who has millions if not billions in their Clinton Foundation account, reported to be bribe monies they received to provide secrets and services to the enemies of this nation?!

Gerry Urbanek 
July 29, 2016 at 7:19am

In a rather unprecedented move for a 'sitting' 'president', Barack Obama has announced he will be clearing his schedule for the entire month of October in order to campaign for Hillary Clinton, the New York Times reported.   (Obama AND Biden are supposed to have 'resigned' last fall by 'encouragement' - and no longer occupy the offices of 'president' nor 'vice president', nor has any power or authority with or on behalf of the cabal U.S.A. corporation?  Just 'fronting' so everything appears to be 'normal'?? Are we continuing to be LIED to about the restoration of the republic government of our nation?)

Short of a major crisis (now there's something important to consider possibly happening - since they don't let a 'crisis' go to waste), the 'president' plans to aggressively campaign for the Democratic 'nominee' (Clinton having once again received the position via FRAUD) and will likely be on the campaign trail almost daily, all the way up to 'Election' Day. (Here's yet another sad joke for us - 'election'? Is that what they call VOTE MANIPULATION, likely by the Soro's enterprises, to ensure that Hillary 'wins.')

The announcement has already begun drawing criticism from those who believe the job of the 'president' (of a private corporation pretending to be the government of our nation) is to run the country (run it in to the ground), not fund raise and campaign for your successor. (Since it has been reported that Obama is no longer the private corporation's 'president', and that Paul Ryan is now 'running the nation,' as Hillary would say: "What difference does it make?!')

According to some of Obama’s closest advisers, however, the 'president' has become extremely concerned that a Trump presidency would spell disaster for his 'legacy'.  (Obama has ALREADY accomplished that feat all by himself. How many more traitorous crimes does he need to commit in the next 2 to 3 months to reach his goal?)

Using the power of the Oval Office, Obama fears Trump will overturn his executive amnesty, the Affordable Care Act, reimpose abortion restrictions at home and abroad, and shift the American foreign policy focus.

In addition, the 'president' fears Trump will lift EPA regulations on coal, begin the construction of a wall on the U.S. border with Mexico, and halt immigration from countries with high instances of terrorism.  (We can only hope and pray and pressure any new government employees to do these very things. Unless and until our Republic is restored (not a new corporation created in France using the word 'Republic' in its name) - ALL 'laws' by this criminal corporation apply ONLY to them and their employees, and NOT to We the People. It is TIME to get this matter resolved once and for all.)

“I’m sure he [Obama] thinks about that first 100 days the way the rest of us do,” said Dan Pfeiffer, Obama’s former senior adviser. “You wake up every day, and another thing that you and your team worked so hard to do is undone. That would be more painful than the 'president' or any of us can imagine.” (Please dear God - please let this be so. Enough is enough.)

The (former) 'president’s' communications director, Jen Psaki, added the focus right now is how to continue the changes Obama has started.  “There’s been all of this work done, 'progress' made,” she said. “How does this continue? Who his successor is is a big part of that puzzle.” (Again, we must do all we can to put a permanent end to this criminal syndicate in our nation, including arresting and prosecuting all of them to the fullest extent of our common law - doing away with the criminal law of the sea on our lands.)

At least part of the 'president’s' concern stems from the fact that he knows exactly how vulnerable a legacy can be. (Obama's traitorous criminal 'legacy' will go down in the history books for all eternity, along with the Clintons and Bushes.) When Obama took office in 2008, he immediately began winding back the policies of President George W. Bush, especially the ones relating to national security.

(Obama and Clintons have done more to destroy our nation's national security than all the presidents and their staff prior.  No worry - Bushes, Clintons, Obamas, Cheneys, Rumsfields and numerous others are to be arrested and tried for TREASON. What We the People DEMAND now from those who are supposedly working to restore this nation to its rightful Republic is PROOF of these arrests, PROOF of the restoration of our nation's COMMON LAW COURT SYSTEM, PROOF of the restoration of our national Treasury, PROOF of the gold backed currency system, PROOF of the restoration of the rightful Republic, PROOF of the Global Currency Reset being made available to We the People in our nation to be able to exchange our currencies, etc.  WHY the hold up - WHY the hold back?  WHY the CONTINUED and REPEATED lies, delays and excuses?)

Former attorney general Eric Holder, who was instrumental to the Obama administration until his resignation in the face of scandal and controversy, echoed these concerns.  “A substantial part of that progress would be at risk if Trump were to be elected,” he said. “I don’t think there’s any question.”  However, while a “substantial part” of the Obama 'legacy' would be at risk, Holder believes certain (maritime) court rulings and cultural shifts (gay rights, men given free access to women's restrooms, the continual influx of muslim jihadis?) would likely weather the storm.  “I don’t think, however, determined a 'president' might be, you could in essence turn the clock back on those measures,” said Holder, referring to gay marriage.

Whatever the case may be, Obama’s concern over a Trump presidency only further highlights the significance this upcoming election holds for people on both sides of the ideological aisle.


Stanley Fischer - Council on Foreign Relations


Stanley Fischer - Council on Foreign Relations

Stanley Fischer discusses ... "I need to welcome you to today’s Council on Foreign Relations ... to welcome all CFR members around the nation and the world" ...

Two weeks back, Forbes and CNBC reported that  Obama plans to nominate Stanley Fischer to be the next vice chairman of the Federal Reserve if…

Published on Feb 2, 2016
Stanley Fischer discusses the U.S. economy, recent economic developments, and monetary policy.

Obama 'resigned' his 'presidency' of the criminal cabal corporation U.S.A., Inc. as has Biden his VP position. Report is that this was done by both at the same time last fall 2015.
The private criminal Federal Reserve banking system is defunct, and no longer authorized to print any paper for use as 'money' in our nation. 
Supposedly the Treasury for the united States has been put in place on a sovereign reservation outside Reno Nevada. The new US Treasury note is now gold backed, as John F Kennedy was working to reinstate when the CIA, Bushes, Connally and others murdered him in Dallas that Thanksgiving week.
Muammar Gaddafi  was murdered by the Wash DC/CIA criminal cabal for working to reinstate gold backed currency in Libya, removing the nation from the control of the Rothschild fiat banking system.
Saddam Hussein, Iraq, was murdered by the Wash DC/CIA criminal cabal for working to reinstate gold backed currency in Iraq, removing the nation from the control of the Rothschild fiat banking system. https://www.rt.com/news/economy-oil-gold-libya/
Now that our nation has the new US gold backed Treasury notes, and will be removing the Federal Reserve FIAT promissory notes from circulation, HOW is it that Obama - who has not been the 'president' of the corporation since last fall has any authority to appoint ANY one to a united states government office, much less an office in the Treasury system for the Republic?  According to this report, it is written about the OLD FIAT worthless dollar system which is no longer to be in use in our nation.
Rumor is that some of the federal reserve corporation banking system, along with some of the IRS agents, have been transferred in to the restored US Treasury on the sovereign indian nation land. Reason is to help with refunds of the monies extorted from the American people via the rogue IRS fraudulent collection agents.  Also, to assist with proper tax assessing using the NEW tax system, a tax on the purchase of new goods. 
So ------- this 'report' regarding Stanley Fischer and the Council on Foreign Relations to be appointed by Obama as Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve makes no sense - at least to me.
Anyone have any information on this?  Please share in the comments section below!


US Border Patrol is buying bus tickets

US Border Patrol is buying bus tickets
for illegals and shipping them
all over the USA!!!

They're not arrested, not taken back to the border, not jailed, but given PAID bus tickets that are supplied by YOUR TAX DOLLARS.

This is not done by accident. This is done on purpose and for a reason. We need to discover what that reason must be...


America, you are being set up for the big take down, a VIOLENT take down, a well coordinated  'plan' by the 'elitists' traitors within and the United Nations.  Europe has already had ENOUGH, yet Merkel continues to bring more in to Germany.  France has had ENOUGH and is increasing efforts to rid the nation of them.  The Scandinavian countries have had ENOUGH, yet the UN continues to FORCE more illegals (muslim jihadis) in to their nations.  
America SHOULD be ABLE to learn and to profit by what has been happening in other nations worldwide.  By the news accounts of  what is happening in the European and Scandinavian nations, all Americans should know to be prepared to defend themselves and their loved ones, their homes, schools, workplaces, cities and nation, and to be prepared to rid our nation of these jihadis being forced upon us by the criminals in Wash DC and the United Nations.

NSA Whistleblower Shocks Radio Host: We Have All Hillary’s Deleted Emails (Video)


In the following video, you’ll learn the full extent of how corrupt the U.S. political system is, and how screwed the American people truly are. If you recall, shortly after the announcement by FBI Director Comey saying that Hillary would not be indicted, an alleged FBI insider came forward and revealed the truth behind why no formal charges were brought. 

The insider revealed that among many other things uncovered by the investigation, the FBI discovered that every department and agency within our own government is somehow intertwined with the Clinton Foundation, including the leaders at virtually every level within those departments and agencies, and also various world leaders.

The insider also claimed that the Clinton Foundation and members of government both had knowledge of ongoing examples of human trafficking, and were doing nothing. In other words, taking down Clinton would mean taking the whole system with her, so the FBI and the Department of Injustice did nothing… nothing except letting her become the nominee for the Democrat Party for President of the United States. 

Below, BPEarthWatch explains how a former NSA top advisor spoke on the radio today, and revealed that the NSA has 100% of Hillary’s deleted emails, and the FBI could access them with ease if they so wanted. The fact that they haven’t only solidifies what the alleged FBI leak has already said. The former NSA advisor also said that his sources at the NSA say the recent DNC hack was not the work of a foreign government, but rather a disgruntled NSA employee who wants to see Hillary brought to justice, and knows the means are there to do so. 
Don’t forget, Julian Assange of Wikileaks has already said his next release will include enough to make certain that Hillary is indicted. Stay tuned…

Catholic Priest: Christians Have A Moral Duty To Defeat Terror

A Catholic priest has called for Christians to take a stand against Islamic terror, arguing that pacifism in the face of mortal danger is immoral and un-Christian.

On Monday, Europe, already reeling from a wave of Islamic terrorist attacks in France and Germany, was again shocked by the beheading of a Catholic priest near Rouen in France in an apparent ritual sacrifice of some kind.

Responding to the attack, Pope Francis expressed his “pain and horror for this absurd violence, with the strongest condemnation for every form of hatred and prayer for those affected,” and is reported to have prayed that God would “inspire in all thoughts of reconciliation and brotherhood”.

Meanwhile Archbishop Dominique Lebrun of Rouen, said: “The Catholic Church can take up no weapons other than those of prayer and brotherhood among people of goodwill.” He asked the people of his diocese “not to give in to violence,” but instead “become apostles of the civilization of love”.

But writing for LifeZette.com, Father George Rutler, the pastor of St. Michael’s church in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City, argues that not only is such pacifism immoral, it is the Christian duty to protect both oneself and other innocents from violent aggressors.

Referring to Jesus’s exhortation, found in Matthew 5:39 – “But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.” – Fr. Rutler says that this isn’t an instruction to engage in pacifism, as so many European Christians appear to believe.

“Turning the other cheek is the counsel Christ gave in the instance of an individual when morally insulted: Humility conquers pride. It has nothing to do with self-defence,” he says.

Arguing rather that pacifism is therefore a corruption of the virtue of peace, Fr. Rutler continues: “As racism distorts race and sexism corrupts sex — so does pacifism affront peace.

“To shrink from the moral duty to protect peace by not using force […] is not innocence — it is naiveté.”

He points to the Catholic Catechism, which directs Catholics to engage in legitimate self-defence as part of the duty to love ourselves as we do our neighbours.

Paragraph 2263 of the Catechism reads: “The legitimate defence of persons and societies is not an exception to the prohibition against the murder of the innocent that constitutes intentional killing.”

The next continues: “Love toward oneself remains a fundamental principle of morality. Therefore it is legitimate to insist on respect for one’s own right to life. Someone who defends his life is not guilty of murder even if he is forced to deal his aggressor a lethal blow.”

And illustrating the requirement for Christians to protect other innocents from aggressors, especially Christians in a position of responsibility, such as a father for his family or a national leader, the Catechism continues: “Legitimate defence can be not only a right but a grave duty for one who is responsible for the lives of others.

“The defence of the common good requires that an unjust aggressor be rendered unable to cause harm. For this reason, those who legitimately hold authority also have the right to use arms to repel aggressors against the civil community entrusted to their responsibility.”

In previous centuries, Fr. Rutler, says, this would not have been controversial.
Saint John Capistrano led an army against the Moors in 1456 to protect Belgrade. In 1601, Saint Lawrence of Brindisi did the same in defense of Hungary. As Franciscans, they carried no sword and charged on horseback into battle carrying a crucifix. They inspired the shrewd generals and soldiers, whom they had assembled through artful diplomacy, with their brave innocence.

“This is not obscure trivia: Were it not for Charles Martel at Tours in 732 and Jan Sobieski at the gates of Vienna in 1683 — and most certainly had Pope Saint Pius V not enlisted Andrea Doria and Don Juan at Lepanto in 1571 — we would not be here now.  No Western nations as we know them — no universities, no modern science, no human rights — would exist.”

The tragedy of our times, Fr. Rutler argues, is that the West has grown complacent, and in doing so has lost touch with its Christian roots.
“The dormancy of Islam until recent times, however, has obscured the threat that this poses — especially to a Western civilisation that has grown flaccid in virtue and ignorant of its own moral foundations.

“On the first day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, there were over 60 speeches, and yet not one of them mentioned ISIS.

“Vice has destroyed countless individual souls, but in the decline of civilizations, weakness has done more harm than vice. ‘Peace for our time’ is as empty now as it was when Chamberlain went to Munich and honour was bartered in Vichy.”
The question before us, therefore, is whether Western civilisation has drifted so far away from its Christian foundations that not only does it no longer recognise the need to vigorously defend our civilisation, it also cannot name the threat.
“The priest in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvrary in Normandy, France, was not the first to die at the altar — and he will not be the last,” says Fr. Rutler.

“In his old age, the priest embodied a civilisation that has been betrayed by a generation whose hymn was John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ — that there was neither heaven nor hell but ‘above us only sky’ and ‘all the people living for today’. When reality intrudes, they can only leave teddy bears and balloons at the site of a carnage they call ‘inexplicable’.”


FULL: Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party (201...

Lowongan Kerja PT PLN (Persero) - Rekrutmen Tingkat D3/D4/S1/S2 - Agustus 2016

Lowongan Kerja Agustus 2016 PT PLN (Persero) - Berawal di akhir abad ke 19, perkembangan ketenagalistrikan di Indonesia mulai ditingkatkan saat beberapa perusahaan asal Belanda yang bergerak di bidang pabrik gula dan pabrik teh mendirikan pembangkit listrik untuk keperluan sendiri.
Antara tahun 1942-1945 terjadi peralihan pengelolaan perusahaan- perusahaan Belanda tersebut oleh Jepang, setelah Belanda menyerah kepada pasukan tentara Jepang di awal Perang Dunia II.
Info Seleksi CPNS 2016 - Proses peralihan kekuasaan kembali terjadi di akhir Perang Dunia II pada Agustus 1945, saat Jepang menyerah kepada Sekutu. Kesempatan ini dimanfaatkan oleh para pemuda dan buruh listrik melalui delegasi Buruh/Pegawai Listrik dan Gas yang bersama-sama dengan Pimpinan KNI Pusat berinisiatif menghadap Presiden Soekarno untuk menyerahkan perusahaan-perusahaan tersebut kepada Pemerintah Republik Indonesia. Pada 27 Oktober 1945, Presiden Soekarno membentuk Jawatan Listrik dan Gas di bawah Departemen Pekerjaan Umum dan Tenaga dengan kapasitas pembangkit tenaga listrik sebesar 157,5 MW.
Info Loker 2016 PT PLN (Persero) - Pada tanggal 1 Januari 1961, Jawatan Listrik dan Gas diubah menjadi BPU-PLN (Badan Pimpinan Umum Perusahaan Listrik Negara) yang bergerak di bidang listrik, gas dan kokas yang dibubarkan pada tanggal 1 Januari 1965. Pada saat yang sama, 2 (dua) perusahaan negara yaitu Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) sebagai pengelola tenaga listrik milik negara dan Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN) sebagai pengelola gas diresmikan.
Pada tahun 1972, sesuai dengan Peraturan Pemerintah No.17, status Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) ditetapkan sebagai Perusahaan Umum Listrik Negara dan sebagai Pemegang Kuasa Usaha Ketenagalistrikan (PKUK) dengan tugas menyediakan tenaga listrik bagi kepentingan umum.

Lowongan Kerja BUMN PT PLN (Persero)
Rekrutmen Umum Tingkat D3/D4/S1/S2 - Agustus 2016

PT PLN (Persero) Seluruh Indonesia membuka kesempatan kepada putra-putri terbaik Indonesia dengan integritas serta komitmen tinggi untuk bergabung dan berkarir bersama kami dengan mengisi Lowongan Kerja 2016 Terbaru pada posisi sebagai berikut :

Program Studi/Konsentrasi yang dibuka:
a) S2 :
  1. Teknik Elektro Arus Kuat (Kode: S2/ELE)
  2. Teknik Mesin (Kode: S2/MES)
  3. Hukum (Kode: S2/HKM)
  4. Psikologi (Kode: S2/PSI)
  5. Manajemen/Industri (Kode: S2/MAN)
  6. Sosiologi (Kode: S2/SOS)
  7. Keuangan/Akuntansi (Kode: S2/AKT)
b) S1/D.IV :
  1. Teknik Elektro: Arus Kuat, Sistem Tenaga Listrik (Kode: S1/ELE)
  2. Elektronika: Kendali (Bukan Telekomunikasi) (Kode: S1/ALE)
  3. Teknik Industri (Kode: S1/IND)
c) D.III :
  1. Teknik Elektro: Arus Kuat, Sistem Tenaga Listrik (Kode: D.III/ELE)
  2. Elektronika: Kendali (Bukan Telekomunikasi) (Kode: D.III/ALE)
  3. Manajemen Pemasaran, Administrasi Niaga, Administrasi Bisnis, Administrasi Perkantoran (Kode: D.III/MAN)
  4. Informatika (Kode: D.III/INF)

Persyaratan :
  • Status belum menikah dan bersedia tidak menikah selama menjalani Diklat Prajabatan;
  • Diutamakan Pria;
  • Bersedia mengikuti Tahapan seleksi di Yogyakarta
  • Lulus S1/D.IV atau D.III dengan batas usia:a) S2 : Kelahiran 1988 dan sesudahnya; b) S1/D.IV : Kelahiran 1990 dan sesudahnya; c) D.III : Kelahiran 1992 dan sesudahnya
  • Indeks Prestasi Komulatif (IPK) :
Kode jurusan
IPK ≥ 3.00
IPK ≥ 2.75

Info Loker Agustus 2016 lainnya : Lowongan Kerja PT. PJB Services

Tata Cara Pengajuan Lamaran : 

Melakukan pendaftaran di stand PLN pada Career Days UGM ke 20 (27 – 28 Agustus 2016) dengan membawa Empat berkas berikut :
  • Fotocopy akta kelahiran yang dilegalisasi;
  • Fotocopy Ijazah / Surat Keterangan Lulus yang dilegalisasi;
  • Fotocopy Transkrip nilai terakhir yang dilegalisasi;
  • Curriculum Vitae / Daftar Riwayat Hidup
Empat berkas tersebut dimasukkan ke dalam map warna kuning dengan menuliskan nama, kode bidang yang dilamar, nomor KTP, nomor kontak (ponsel), dan alamat email pada cover map.
Contoh: BAGUS WIJAYA , S1/ELE , 337411xxxxx , 081703903xxx, bagus@email.com

Catatan :
  • Selama proses seleksi, apabila terdapat ketidaksesuaian data, peserta dinyatakan GUGUR.
  • Pelamar hanya diperbolehkan memilih 1 (satu) Bidang/ Jurusan sesuai tingkat pendidikan dan program studi/ bidang. Pelamar tidak dapat melamar ke jenjang yang tidak sesuai dengan ijazah yang dimiliki.
  • Pelamar tidak sedang mengikuti tahapan seleksi rekrutmen PT PLN (Persero) pada event rekrutmen PT PLN (Persero) lainnya.
  • Bagi peminat yang tidak memenuhi syarat usia, jurusan, dan IPK, agar tidak melakukan pendaftaran.
  • Panggilan peserta, kelulusan tiap tahapan tes dan lokasi tes hanya akan diumumkan melalui website PT PLN (Persero) di www.pln.co.id
Pelamar yang dinyatakan lulus Psikotes, WAJIB melengkapi berkas pendaftaran berikut. Apabila tidak dapat melengkapi berkas, maka peserta dinyatakan GUGUR. Berikut adalah berkas yang harus dikumpulkan pada saat Tes Kesehatan :
  1. Surat Lamaran yang ditujukan kepada PT PLN (Persero) c.q. Kepala Divisi Pengembangan Talenta;
  2. Riwayat Hidup (CV);
  3. Copy akta kelahiran;
  4. Copy Ijazah/ Surat Keterangan Lulus yang dilegalisasi;
  5. Copy transkrip nilai terakhir yang dilegalisasi;
  6. Copy KTP;
  7. Surat Keterangan Belum Menikah dari Kelurahan;
  8. Pas foto terbaru berwarna ukuran 3x4 sebanyak 2 lembar (nama peserta ditulis di belakang foto);
  9. Bagi Pelamar lulusan Luar Negeri, wajib melampirkan Surat Keterangan dari Dikti mengenai kesetaraan jenjang pendidikan dan IPK;
  10. Bagi Pelamar dari lulusan program Lintas Jalur (D.III yang meneruskan ke S1/D.IV), wajib melampirkan: Transkrip nilai D.III yang dilegalisasi & Ijazah D.III yang dilegalisasi
  11. Berkas dimasukkan ke dalam map (warna hijau untuk S2, warna biru untuk S1/D.IV dan warna merah untuk D.III) sesuai urutan di atas dengan menuliskan nama dan kode yang dilamar pada cover map.
Informasi lebih lanjut, silakan lihat sumber resmi berikut ini :

An Emergency Message To Donald Trump



Doctors destroy health
Lawyers destroy justice
Universities destroy knowledge
Governments destroy freedom
The press destroy information
Religions destroy morals
Banks destroy economy
The psychopaths, sociopaths and morons who prevail in Washington are leading the world to destruction

The criminally insane 'government' in Washington, regardless whether Democrat or Republican, is the greatest threat to life on earth that has ever existed

The Hills are Alive


HOT Explosive Breaking Intelligence : U.S. Military Flag Officers and the Russian Federation are now Direct Allies

Exclusive, explosive reports from the patriot
Joint U.S.-French Intelligence Task Force,
operating on American soil for over 200 years

Tom Heneghan Intelligence Briefings

U.S. Military Flag Officers and the Russian Federation are now Direct Allies